how to maintain your friendships while playing multiplayer stellaris

| my friend group has been playing stellaris and people keep rage quitting when their empires get steamrolled. in our last game, it got bad enough that three of eight people let their empire autorun by the end of the game. does anyone have any tilt preventing house rule suggestions?

| Rule 0: OP is a faggot.
Rule 1: Git gud.

| The most important thing: remember that, in the end, it doesn't even mat... it's just a game

| I already have like five different save files for Stellaris because I never manage to finish a game before the next version rolls in that's incompatible with old saves. I cannot even imagine playing this game in multiplayer.

| Elona

| Assuming they're getting beaten by AI attacking them, my group used console commands to enforce peace to give them some breathing room for a few years if it was an unwinnable war.

| >>871791 nah it's mostly making secret treaties. it's pretty much impossible for one empire to defend against two similar power empires with separate borders on the target.

| If y'all aren't enjoying it then don't play it. If y'all get genuinely mad at and start disliking eachother over a game then either become better friends or stop playing.

| Embrace this conflict and become stronger from it. Would you so carelessly deprive your fellows the opportunity of growth? Keep those close who would preserve the balance of suffering and triumph. Continue crushing the fools for they are not your friends. True friends, worthy friends, they will always endure. Do not artificially manipulate the hierarchy of power, especially if your aim is to accommodate the meek. That would be a disservice to all, a mass spiritual suicide.

| >>871964
Grow used to these balls on your chin.

| Why are your friends taking a game of Stellaris, of all things, so seriously?

The game is a meme, just install over 9000 mods and fuck around and have fun smh.

| friends are temporary, winning is also temporary

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