Are consoles officially dead now?

| https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/steam-nintendo-switch-exclusive-pc-stealth-release/

I wasn't checking source yet, but if it is true, it is last console (from traditional trio: PS, Xbox, Nintendo) what is giving up way of exclusives and is freedoming them for PC. Also i have one question for you, is this kind of decision what will affect you if you would buy future Nintendo console? Or you would still buy Nintendo Switch 2/AnotherNewUnknownName?

| The article you linked is just saying Deadly Premonition 2 is coming to PC. That's not surprising. Third-party games are only exclusive for a certain time period, and Deadly Premonition would definitely benefit from the sale boost.

| I buy consoles for portable gaming and so I don't have to worry about tech specs and compatibility issues. I don't give a hoot about exclusivity.

| Outside of the timed-exclusives and (now somewhat rare) console exclusives that don't see PC ports, Nintendo's first-party lineups seem to maintain the status of games you need to buy a console for. It'll be a surprising day when Mario, Link, Pikachu, and their companions see official releases off-platform, and those games drive a large portion of gaming's catalogue.

| Despite this, I can't imagine consoles will be dying within the next decade or two. They continue to provide a consolidated place to game, and that caters to people that don't want (or have access to) computers with the hardware needed to adequately play modern titles. Not to mention, gaming consoles are just better for families with younger gamers, for parents that aren't going to buy their child an entire computer for games.

| Consoles will remain until they no longer sell, and the companies making them don't see value in their development. At the current time, that doesn't seem to be the case.

| >>868069 adding to this, sometimes people will have a PC and still choose to get a console too. I keep a Switch for both portable gaming and collecting physical cartridges.

| Uh.. remember octopath traveller? It was a launch title for switch and it's already on steam.

As much as I dislike console,I can't imagine it dies in the near future. It's still the brainless plug and play experience to play games that cost less money than building a PC.

It is still less hassle to just buy your kids a PS5 for birthday/holiday gift than figuring out a build for PC.

| >>868085 learning computer basics is as essential as knowing how to write. Without it, you're technologically crippled.

| But with a computer you end up not playing that much and doing everything else

| >>868115
Oh come now. The technical adeptness required to build a PC is hardly "computer basic". And even someone who is very good at building PCs might prefer the simplicity of a console if they just want a box to reliably play games.

| Consoles have been terminally ill since 2013. The only company doing something halfway innovative are Nintendo. The other two are glorified budget PCs that casuals can easily play from their couch. Valve will seize a sizeable chunk of the console demographic in the next decade if the fading titans don't wake up. Steam Machines were ass, but the new Deck and further Proton development are very obvious signs that hybrids will dominate the market within the decade.

| Also exlusives are objectively anti-consumer.

| exclusives* fuck this tiny-ass keyboard

| >>868123 portable PCs are cool

| Why the fuck is all of this coming from a Deadly Premonition 2 grain-of-salt-article-conspiration-leak? Like if this game would mark the end of consoles?
Also many other "exclusives" Switch games made it into PC before, and Wii U and Wii and even N64 like wtf are we smoking here? I need some

| >>868049
>non-nintendo published exclusive coming to PC
Yawn. This is nothing new, the Capcom Five were supposed to be Nintendo exclusive and 3/4 that got made got ported. Only a fool would keep a game console exclusive unless they made the console, unless it debuted on it and flopped.

| >>868049
Whether or not I buy a switch 2 is mostly dependent on backwards compatibility, better performance (not visual fidelity) for older and newer titles, and likely another Metroid game if it ever happens.

That said, this feels like a mountain out of a molehill scenario. I feel like I can confidently say DP2 probably wasn't a hugely notable Switch exclusive, and it going to pc isn't loosing sales. What >>868169 said basically.

| No lol. Even if you take away exclusives completely (which won't happen btw) consoles are mainly for casual gaming/on the go gaming, and those markets are huge.
Most consoles are also cheaper than hardcore PCs, and a lot of people don't wanna have to worry about specs and shit. Console is just easy, casual buy and play couch gaming, and I can't see the want for that going away any time soon.

| >>868169
Op is baited by the article, but I think everyone else just wants to talk about consoles in general.

Anyway I think we got a consensus here. Exclusivity isn't going away but even if it is, consoles aren't going away either.

| So we're in agreement: Consoles ain't dead yet, and aren't showing any signs strong enough to signal it.

| >>870203 exclusivity is the opposite from going away, it has step foot in pc and going to stay, thanks to epic games.

But the good news is that more of them are timed exclusive instead of platform exclusive. Some of sony games are going to pc (like horizon) and epic exlusives are eager to double dip and rerelease their game on steam once the deal with epic expires.

Imagine having to buy PS3 just to play MGS IV....
Still no persona 5 for PC, though. That's just ATLUS being FATLUS

| >>870541
I wanna give Atlus the benefit of the doubt and assume the engine built for P5 just doesn't work on PC. But like, isn't Catherine made with the same engine? And Catherine Classic's on PC. No idea what Atlus is doing.

Soul Hackers 2 is multiplatform, at least. I can see it not being on Switch for technical reasons. 13 Sentinels, I think they just don't think the sales are worth the work on more ports? A bigger shame than P5 not being on PC, imo.

| >>870574
>I wanna give Atlus the benefit of the doubt
The director of the series has said he doesn't want PC ports of the Persona games

| >>870679 But P4G got a PC release, so did P4AU and P5S although those two are spinoffs.

| >>870680
Not only did P4G get a pc release: but it topped steam sales for a solid 3 weeks because its P4G. The director may not be interested, but I guarantee you the suits and investors are heavily pushing for the other games to get rereleased.

| >>870679
Huh, where did he say this? Why the hell would he not want more people playing his excellent games?

| >>870679 unless you source this, I call BS. He is also the producer and director of SMT III: Nocturne and P4; both are already on steam. How come P5 treated differently?

Atlus/Sega can see P4 sales and it would be ridiculous not to see the money they would make by porting P5. It is coming to PC, maybe we have to wait a year ot two... or five. But I can't blame people who have been waiting for years with no confirmation if they emulate it on PC at this point.

| >>870834 It's a pain to port and the most focal people just complain when they do get a port. I think some creators don't want their games modded either

| No you idiot, it's called a terminal nowadays.

| >>870886 I get the modding thing, but that would come mostly from japanese companies with old mentallity, and it's absurd as modding is not PC exclusive, what is funnier is the amount of games there are on PC and the few that actually get modding, it's not that big and unless the modding is given easy (like steamwork) not that much users would mod a game.
If modding is what worries them most, they have bigger problems they don't want to recognize

| many users*

| >>870976 I get what you're saying but I don't think it's old mentality. When a team puts so much work into a game then the game gets modded to add a bunch of silly shit, it ruins the brand. But as I write this I realize the majority of games with serious stories rarely get modded in this way

| What a coincidence. P5R and P3P ports just got announced. Xbox and PC


| >>871054

Or whatever's the term for instead of predicting things, we talk about the opposite happening.

| >>871054 I started it by calling them FATLUS here.>>870541

Now I just need SMT V for PC, c'mon FATLUS!

C'mom badnai namco, port AR Tonelico series to PC too

| Nah, we spent our prophet tokens. They'll make a switch port of fuckin' Robopon or some shit

| Gurls, don't you remember persona 4 arena ? It's a shitty port and a lot of people can't even start the game, withou patching it with dxvk(which I find way to funny to use a wine/proton tool to make a game playable).

| >>870680
That's only because execs higher up the chain saw that there was money there
I can't find the article but he said something to the effect of not liking PC gaming and didn't want them on PC

| >>871344
Please I want the source on this

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