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*If* you were to speedrun a game...

| Assuming you don't already, or if you do and were to choose something different, what game would you like to learn to speedrun, and why?

Personally, I'd love to speedrun Shadow Hearts, it being a favorite with fiarly low speedrunning representation, but the judgement ring mechanic is a big hurdle to master.

| Definitely Hades or Hollow Knight. I've watched so many Hollow Knight speedruns I've memorized most every strats and nook and crannies of that game. Just don't have the dedication to really train for it yet.

Hades I've been casually speedrunning. I think I managed to get a 12 minutes IGT a run? Nowhere near the record, but I still get faster each time, so maybe one day.

| I honestly don't know I used to Speedrun but burnt myself out on that game and I can't seem to find anything I like as much but can't go back either

| How many games have extremely good movement but also aren't super technical

| Mario 64 would be really fun to learn, I've learnt a few of the tricks but never made a run, so learning all of the tricks and making a run would be fun. 16 star would be neat.

| Def something like Half Life 2 or Mirror's Edge... Maybe even Ghostrunner. I like speedy movement, what can i say

| I played a bunch of Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, including 100% runs, insane difficulty, hitless, pacifist, etc. It's a very fun game that I know pretty intimately, and it's not too long, so that'd definitely be my pick.

| Elona

| Id pick Katana zero. Im not aware of any game breaking glitches or tricks but pulling off a good run feels very satisfying.

| Celeste, although I'd probably suck at it.

I already have a decent Katana Zero time, but not on hard mode. I might try that.

| Since I've already did speedrun Dark Souls 3, I'd go with Dead Cells

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Same for me, Momo is great.

| My pick would be intersting, because I wouldn't pick a game with 3D movement that requires angles to be known as that's just too precise.
But then I would speedrun Ocarina Of Time or Sonic Adventure, which both in any% are really picky about angles for huge skips. Would love to do other categories like maxChild% (get everything possible with child Link) which makes you think a lot out of the box but would be annoying with certain insane glitches.

| super mario 64 because old game lots of loopholes

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It's such a good game. I go back and replay it at least once a year.

I've watched a few speedruns of SM64, and I love the movement in it. All the different types of jump, flight, 3D movement etc. Definitely looks very fun and satisfying to speedrun.

| I already have a WR in sex. I don't need to speedrun anything else.


| >>860186 Low% runs are rough, bud. Keep at it

| Mega Man 3, always been my favorite NES Mega Man and the run is my ideal length.

| Pokémon. Doesn't require skill, just good rng

| >>860522 that's the worst though because you will just constantly get shit runs

| >>860522
I find Pokemon's speedrunning tactics to be fun to know (when to use X-Speed, movement tricks to avoid trainers, etc), but the speedrun itself isn't usually very fun to watch and I imagine it'll be less fun to actually do.

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