I started The Legend of Heroes and... (spoilers)

| I was really enjoying it, really sick combat for a turn-based RPG, love the pixel art, good story, just having a good time.
And, I really liked that the main characters were a wholesome family, and that for once in something Japanese the not blood related siblings aren't horny for eachother.
Then I got worried, and I searched it up just to make sure, and, uh, yeah...
Now I'm sad...

| Probably still gonna play it, because it's really good, but why it always gotta be like that? Like, shit. I was so glad that there was finally a piece of media with wholesome, realistic siblings who view eachother as, well, siblings, despite not technically being related.
Just, why? Why the writers do that? Why the writers always gotta be creepy? Shit.

| (Spoiler warning was only for that btw, don't do any spoilers otherwise obviously)

| Something something cultural byproducts of Sengoku era Japan still felt today

| Eh, I finished the games years ago, It didn't even registered to me that the game has incest. They don't look or act like they are sibling to me.

Even if they do, literally established in the early game that they are not related, so I see nothing wrong with it. Basically childhood friend who lives together.

| I haven't played any of the game in the series but
> I was so glad that there's finally a piece of media with wholesome siblings despite not technically being related.

Are you sure that's what the game is trying to convey? Might be the game has been trying to do a friends-to-lovers from the beginning and you're the only one who sees them as siblings.

It's a totally valid read! But you can't really put the blame on the writers when you're the one who read it wrong.

| >>859648
They literally call eachother family and siblings constantly. Half the NPCs remind you that the two are family. They're always talking about their dad and they have the same last name.

Like, nah. I'm not tripping about that. Maybe that changes later in the game, but 8 hours in and they're still doing it.

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Sure, you can think it's aight, that's fine, personal taste. But if that didn't register you either skipped a lot of dialogue or just forgot it.

| By now you should be used to the fact that, if in a jap media it's explicitly told that a pair of siblings are not blood related, they are eventually going to bang, if they haven't already

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Shit, I know. I thought I finally found an exception, but guess I was wrong.

| If you think that's creepy, the characters are canonically shipping Agate and Tita even after - spoiler if you haven't started chapter 2: learning that Agate is overprotective of Tita because he has a dead little sister :D

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There's a reason why I said >>859603

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