Online games piss me off

| Every game I think of is against other players and whenever I just wanna relax there is no game to go for because everyone is better than me at the games, I stopped playing them for a while and just now tried getting back in and I couldn't even make a move. I don't know if the fault is in me or if I should just seek different games.

| Elona

| Git gud

| You should probably seek out different games. The world of single-player is exponentially larger than that of multiplayer.

| What kind of online games de you play? Fighting, sports, cooperative?

| Consider: Stop playing multiplayer games

| >>859194 fighting and fps

| If you want something still online and within those genres, but less competitive, you could try something like Destiny, or Borderlands. Stuff where you can play cooperatively. Fighting games are definitely one where you can't get away from the competitive side, but you could try Dungeon Fighter Online at least. Closest option, there.

| >>859238
Consider: trying playing any other genre. There's plenty of single-player FPS to get into, but you're straight out of luck if you like fighting games but can't enjoy multiplayer.

Why would you play fighting games if you "just want to relax" anyway??

| Consider: Jacking off to 3D porn instead of playing videogames

| >>859240 games like destiny consume too much time when I play them.
>>859423 well I can relax at fighting games when the fight feels like the skill level is simular, but lately I keep finding people who just go at it and the moment they get a hit you're done for.

| anyway to sum this up then, I should play singleplayer and coop games then?

| >>859444 If playing against people better than you (no offence, there's always a tier of players that's better, unless you're playing at a national level) is stressful, and your goal is to relax, then yeah: Play something solo. Fighting games can get boring against AI, but you could check out older games and experience more of the genre. Otherwise, the FPS world isn't lacking in good solo experiences. And games specifically catering to relaxation are a big field now.

| I personally enjoy putting on some Nine Inch Nails and playing Doom on a lower a difficulty when I want to just shoot guns and have a nice time.

| >>859444 if you really want to play against other people, just don't play games with ranked systems, competitive multiplayer is actually fun when everyone is having fun and not tryharding for score.

>>859452 it's boring when in a fighting game the other one will do just "pro" strats, it's worse than playing vs cpu because cpu at least will do different things and you know your mother isn't getting fucked tonight because "this is what pros do why it's not working"

| I really miss those games where you would go Online and everyone, friend or foe, wouldn't shot, people would play like a clown and no one would shout and cry at the mic because the clown strat didn't work that time. Just hanging with some people you have never met but already feel like best friends even if you will never met them again.

| >>859470 I don't recommend even playing games that have both ranked and unranked, because you can still find the same type of tryhards who are so bad they need to win those who don't take it serious and they can be even more toxic than ranked players.

| >>859471 ...man, I miss invading in Dark Souls 3, where you would engage in a fistfight with a joker cosplayer, or hangout with a bunch of naked dudes and beating eachother with shields...

| >>859238 why not co-op shooters like left 4 dead, deep rock galactic or borderlands?

| Consider: having fun

| >>859487 I don't find hoards running at you too much fun
>>859470 although I'd really love to know some games that are online and don't remind you how bad you are

| >>859487 as for borderlands and deep rock galactic I will look into those

| Also you if you want single player shooters I can recommend Dusk, Ion Fury, Amid Evil, Post Void, and Ultrakill, though these are all boomer shooters as they're p much the only modern shooters that aren't multiplayer oriented. If you are willing to play some older stuff you could play Halo or the old WWII COD titles, although I can't genuinely recommend a console shooter.

| Just don't take it so seriously. Playing online is fun because you can fuck around with friends. It stops being fun when it's all seriousness.

| >>859532
Amid FUCKING Evil!!!!

| >>859555
Nah, the greatest gaming experience I know is an even ns2 match. You don't have to be unhappy or sweaty or anything just to take the game seriously. Just give every match 100% and don't give up until it's lost.

| >>859555 that's the problem, even when playing with friends the enemy team are either tryhards or assholes, and the game reminding me how bad I am doing makes it even worse

| rarely do I ever find normal players

| >>859587
When the enemies are assholes I just kinda laugh at and make fun of them. Idk. For me it's just a fun social thing, even when it's games where I suck or enemies are toxic. I just don't really care, but I guess that's just a personal thing if it ain't working for you.

| Final Alternative: Meet with a therapist.

| If going boomer shooter try quake 3

| Get zDoom

| >>859470 i went up against a pretty good player in a fighting game (guilty gear strive, they were HC). They didnt do the zoning spam but instead WALKED up to me and grab/some other hit. My spirit was broken after that fight. But at least there wasnt zoning to deal with

| huh... wait but what's the point >>859710 ?

| >>859779 you know... i was trying to tie it with something about pros but now im not sure why i said that :/

| >>859804 im the same person who wrote

>>859710 this.

Changed my id for some reason

| >>859804 ah I get you

| also yea ID changes happen

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