Star Citizen devs working on bedsheet deformation physics

| https://www.pcgamer.com/star-citizen-is-doing-bedsheet-deformation-physics-now-because-of-course-it-is/
kind of cool i think

| This has to be the single most savage critic I've ever seen.

"Do sheets with different thread counts deform in a consistent way, or does the physics model need to be able to deal with Egyptian cotton separately?"

Jokes aside, this is a completely unnecessary feature and nothing you say can convince me otherwise.

| Indeed it is, but hey, its pretty cool if over the top.

| That's CIG for you, attention to detail taken to the point of absurduty

| So this confirms there is sex in the game? And people complain why?

| "R&D" lmao. Imagine owning the only bedsheet technology in gaming. Dev goals right there.

| >>858551
nutaku would pay big for something like this tho

| Wasn't this at some point supposed to be a space game? God it's sad to see the genre fall like this.

| >>858683

They kinda went insane and are now trying to be an "everything" game.

In fairness, the space sim combat stuff we all originally backed for is already present, but still.

| >>3d0b1b okay but they are still stuck on only having a single star system, no? like, neat that space sim combat exists but if it's only in a kiddie pool that ain't satisfying lmao.

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