Just finished VA-11 Hall-A for the first time after 4 years

| It's rare that a game sticks with you like VA-11 Hall-A. I started it in 2018 and put it down near the end since it just didn't feel like the right time. It was a longer break than I expected but the characters and story never left my mind. Finishing it after all this time made the impact that more intense. It has the weight of thinking about where I was then where I am now and where I want to go. What about you? How did the game make you feel and what do you hope for the future?

| I kind of feel bad for starting the game in 2017 and then never finishing it. Ironically, I joined danger/u/ right after starting the game.

| I know this is the wrong place to admit it, but I stopped playing after hanging out with the Boss. How fucked am I / 10?

| I wanna go back but am afraid it won't live up

| >>6e313a >>6929da >>22e669 The key to going back after all this time was to just not think about it too hard and accept it for what it is. I found the experience well worth it and we wouldn't all be here if the game hadn't called to us one way or another.

| I want to lay with Julianne

| >>858807 my sister in christ, don't we all

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