Police Stories being more fun on F rank

| Today I played Police stories with a friend and turns out, instead of doing all the police-like things, it is way more fun to shoot everything that moves through doors.
Which made me wonder if there is somewhere a game that is literally that.

| Elona

| Rail Shooters?

| >>858413 I don't know if that's a name or a genre but if a genre no, a 2D topdown shooter like hotline miami

| Police Academy

| Isometric Shooters (often referred to as Twin-Stick Shooters, from their control scheme) are what you'll probably want to look for. Police Stories has a tactical aspect that requires more consideration than most in the genre.
My recommendation would be Helldivers. It's multiplayer, you shoot everything that moves, and it takes some split-attention work to manage your positioning, resources, and even to just reload, while facing down an almost Doomlike horde of creatures.

| If you just find the basic gameplay of it fun to play with friends, you could also check out stuff from the later Gauntlet series, like Legends, or Dark Legacy. They were big arcade hits, and you can easily emulate their console ports. Playing online is more challenging as a result, though

| oh thank

| Try Ruiner or Hotline Miami (note that they're both very different experiences though).

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