What are you currently playing, g/u/rls?

| I refuse to let this board die with the last active thread being one that's likely from 50k. Tell me what games you're playing, g/u/rls.

I'm currently playing 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. 10/10 story, I don't understand a damn thing but I love it.

| I've been playin Death Stranding a lot lately. Also picked up BlazBlue Centralfiction a few weeks ago so im learning that.

| Risk of rain 2 and splitgate arena. Also trying to catch up on some switch games.

| I've been playing Vampire the Masquerade:bloodlines and am trying to get good at Crimzon Clover world Explosion

| Elona

| just bought jimmy and the pulsating mass. and as always im on the valorant grind.

| Slowly picking up gg strive and play some megaman battle network

| Recently finished Anodyne 2. It's a deeply weird game, but I honestly loved it.

| >>858256
My girl!

I've been playing a lot of Siege and Scavenger-SV4 these last few days. The latter is 50% off on steam.

| >>858292 strive is great, if you're on eu we could play a few casual matches on it

| With myself.

| Playing Sonic CD and realizing it's retroactively a very solarpunk fueled experience. Might play Mania after and further delay playing FF14
Also nice choice. Which character are you trying to learn?

| Crusader Kings 3

| Granblue, Nioh 2, Elden Ring.

| One of my friends got me Payday and we've been playing it, him, my gf and I, just shooting SWAT and FBI HRT.

| BTD6, Valorant, Overwatch 1 & 2. Get pretty bored of them often though.

| >>858304 is EU eastern uerope? Sadly im from the US, although idk how bad it is

>>858304 im trying to learn testament or ram. I didnt initially pick ram because shes one of the strong characters, i just think she looks cool (same as tesatament). I like ram's hat a lot

| I just realized its europe and no uerope mb, dunno what EU means though

| >>858361
EU is either European Union or just Europe

| >>858362 a gotcha. Well either way im from the US. I hear a lot of EU when it comes to fighting games though

| I've been enjoying Stormworks lately, also playing Hotline Miami 1 and 2 for the first time, and a bit of Noita

| >>858360 sadge, would've been fun to play some matches. I mostly play Gio or I-no but sometimes i hop on the wacky faust or sigma potemkin for the lolz

| Animal crossing because my gf got me back into it even though she's to busy to pay right now

| Death Stranding, it's kind of incredible how this game even exists. It's like no one told Kojima 'No.'

| >>858371 hotline miami and noita are both great choices. have fun with them!

>>858396 I'm pretty sure that that's a perfectly accurate decision of what actually happened regarding the creation of death stranding. god, I love that game.

| >>858373 i also wanted to try gio cause she got the green spirit wolf/dog(?) I want to try out nago at some point

| Slay the Spire
Beat ascension 3 on the Ironclad, finished my first Defect run, and going on to finish a Silent run

| Resident Evil Village. It's shockingly good. I ignored it last year because I thought it was just RE7 but in a castle, but this shit slaps.

| >>858404 thank

| Google Docs, need to finish my bachelor.

| >>858436
RE8 fucking owns when it gets it's groove on. I haven't replayed it since I beat it, but I did spend a lot of time on the Mercenaries mode you unlock after beating it. 8's Mercenaries mode isn't as good as 4 or 6's, but it's still a really good way to kill time.

| >>858499
I haven't finished first playthrough yet, but it really does. I mean, I know everything that happens because watching it is why I realised it was good and bought it, but even though I'm fully spoiled it's just such a fun game.

| I'm excited for the Mercenaries mode and NG+ stuff.

| Jumping between Bloodborne and Warhammer Vermintide 2.

| subnautica sub-zero

| Right now i'm streaming Anno: Mutationem, Outward, and Project Wingman (in VR). I have a Guilty Gear: Strive tournament this Friday also. owo

| >>858702 good luck on your tournament g/u/rl!

| >>858708

Thank you!!!!!

| >>858702 good luck! (as long as you don't play hc)

| I've mostly been going between my first play-through of Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines and trying to 1cc Original Arcade mode on Crimzon Clover.

| oh lol If forgot I already replied to this thread some how

| nier automata - i forgot games can be this fun!

| >>858464
good luck g/u/rl, i'm sure it'll be great

| >>858795
Jealous, kind of wish I could play that game again for the first time. What clan?

| anyone playing Guilty gear rev2?

| >>858894 i have it but haven't played it much... You from EU?

| yea

| >>858912 if you'd like to play a match I can

| >>858916 i can do a match in maybe 40 minutes

| aight, if you wanna match I go under the name Polygonal
Do say when ready so I can make a room

| Rifftrax released a game somehow. Mildly amusing party game

| >>858943 start makin the room, im about to hop online

| Does rev 2 let you send lobby links like plus r? That would be handy

| dunno but starting room

| Aight, lemme know the room code when ur ready

| room code? made it public

| Just so you know, idk a single combo in the game lol

| dw bout it

| Says it couldn't find a room

| huh... on PC right?

| lemme just make it privat and share the code

| Yeah, maybe let's try in the uk public lobby?

| code is a2om

| >>858972 still nothing

| odd...

| what's your steam then?

| HellaKaiser

| or rather, here's my friend code 258888588

| Im in uk lobby 01 if you wanna check that

| Brave of you to post your steam here

| why shouldn't I?

| it's more foolish than brave


| I'm playing LoZ: BoTW and tbh I kinda hate it. Shitty music, shitty "dungeons", shitty amiibos that you need to get a bunch of armors and Epona, 120 shitty temples that you get tired of after getting off the Plateau but you need to continue doing because it's the only way to get hearts/stamina increases. It's cool that you get to climb anywhere whenever you want but open world games aren't new, I can do just as much exploration in Oblivion even if I can't climb everywhere.

| >>858824
malkavian, apparently their dialouge is harder to understand vs the other classes, but I've gotten to chinatown, haven't really had that big of an issue.

| Started playing BFBC2 again, still fun after all of these years.

| >>df0c98
Do a favor to yourself and play Elden Ring. You don't know yet but thats what you want. 100% sure of it.

| Shin Megami Tensei 5 and 3 and an totaly other game called Astral Chain

| >>858768

Lmao no worries, I play May. ;)

| Recently got into MHW: Iceborne, its pretty good

| Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar!

| >>858822 thank

| >>859183 somehow that's worse lol

| Playin’ YumeCore!!

| Picked up Metal Gear Solid V again.

| >>858648
Aww, weird class to play the first time, it's unironically better the second time through. Hope you're still enjoying it though.

| >>859359
Fuck meant @ the Malkavian bro

| >>858248 I’ve been playing 13 Sentinels the past few weeks and really enjoyed it too! Been able to play all the battles on insane but the final battle is something else, gonna have to figure out some strategy cause I just get overwhelmed so easily.

Probably gonna play through Soul Nomad or Tactics Ogre next, not sure which one

| >>859323 a may aint so bad. Id rather fight a may than a zoning HC

| Ive been playing nothing but ROR2 for the past month. Its a community with so much drama and such great mods. It feels like the days of pre fireborn hollow knight. Also the game is very addicting plus the devs are not planning on balancing the game cuse its not a competitive game so i love broken games i guess.

| >>859372
Eyy another 13 Sentinels's battles enjoyer! I heard a lot of praises for the story, but not a lot of people talks about its excellent battle system!

I play on Intense difficulty too. Started out with a string of S+ that soon plunged into straight D in a row, lmao.

| WipEout Omega Collection & Cyberpunk
I love wipeouts lore of the ships and the tricks you can pull off to shave seconds, and cyberpunk has been pretty neat, glad I hopped on late stage so I got the no man's sky experience

| Subverse

| >>859359
I think most people who answers the questions during character creation ends up as Malkavian. Lucky him for playing it for the first time though!!

Cool. What do you think so far? Personally I think it's a step down from the first game. It also lacks comfy places for basebulding. Lilypad Islands are nice but it's too close to the edge.

Do the Wipeout collection still have the lyrics in the OST? IMA FIRESTARTAH! TERRIFIC FIRESTARTAH!

| Playing lots of FFXI lately, getting back

| >>858310 I don't understand why people go to CK3 instead of sticking with CK2, I'm at least gonna wait until the Iberia DLC comes out before I play it

| >>5a4c91 Risk of rain 2 is so wonderful and replayable. But don't forget to not spend more than 5 mins per stage otherwise you are doing it wrong

| >>859586 is that firestarter by the prodigy?? I need to play some WipEout apparently.

| >>859671
How is the recent expansion content for RoR2? I had like 2 or 3 people to run through the game with, but I completely dropped off like 4 months before the expansion came out. Exceptional game eitherway and equally good soundtrack.

| >>859704 ive played through the expansion. Id say its pretty great but i got it on sale. If you still plan on playing the game id recommend the dlc, but you can also wait for their next expansion pack, idk when itll be announced though but they mention somethings on the way

| >>859704 the actual void stuff is debatable as to whether or not it's a good addition, but the new items and survivor are good. except the chaos bottle, fuck the chaos bottle. idr how much it costs but I think it's probably a "buy on sale" thing.

| >>859717 yeah id say to buy it on sale. You can find mods to blacklist what effects the chaos bottle has access to

| Deleted my Monster Hunter Rise save with 500 hours to force myself to play another game, after finishing Pokemon Arceus and Jumping through party games like Mario and Nintendo Sports now I'm playing Monster Hunter Rise again from 0% "The Grind is never the grind, the gind is never the grind"....

| >>860010
Maybe take a break from gaming?

| Witcher 3... I took a break from skyrim to give it a try and i dont like it v much :(

| >>860058
Understandable. The Witcher 3 is, honestly not that great. I never understood the hype.

| >>860060
>Great story
>Choices matter
>Well written characters
>Cool monsters
>Good combat
>Unique sidequests
>Overall a great game and the DLCs are even better

| >>860115
I agree with all of that. Still just a lot that fell off about it and didn't enjoy it. Idk why.

| >>860058 >>860060 >>860119
I'm with y'all. The Witcher 3 is a well-made game, but it really doesn't feel all that spectacular. I had a bit more fun with the Blood and Wine DLC but the base game feels, just, okayish.

| >>860128 Interesting. I've rarely been more captivated by an open world game before. And I usually hate open worlds. Wide as an ocean, shallow as a puddle, as they say. If I were to overly simplify my feelings, Witcher 3 is "Skyrim but good" to me. The Polish folklore is rad af too. The only thing I really disliked was the combat, which... is funny, considering how often you whack shit with your swords.

| >>860168
Complete opposite for me funnily. Witcher 3 should be good, but just isn't. Skyrim shouldn't be good, but it is.

| >>860058
Probably should but there is new expansion coming and I wanted to progress more so I could be at least a little closer to it to be able play the content when it releases.

| >>860175
Mood. Like, looking at the pieces that made them up, The Witcher 3 should be the better game (better quest structures, better-written characters, etc), but Skyrim, janky as it is, just feels more fun to play for me.

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