backroom - would you play it?

| In past i had localisation website about spc (my country is small) i didn't translate but i was collabing others and moderating it so i have somehow soul about making "database" kind of media content.. i like when is lore closed and it can being made compile of it.. but now is coming question what are you thinking about "backroom theme" 1/x

| If it was a game, what kind of interaction you would like? 3D is difficult and my skills in Unity/UE5 are close to zero.. i can theoretically start to learn it but development would be terrible slow 2/x

| I have experience with making top-view but it's not really perfect for this kind of game.. so now are coming 3 suggestions

1. Make it clearly in terminal, it can theoretically have ascii arts.. i have basic skills with terminal things in C#/Java/Python
2. Make it as Website application (for imagine something as depression game from Zoe Quinn (graphic can be included)
3. Make it in Game Maker (fast visual development, also with various 2D interaction things, less textual) 3/x

| 4. VN?! Also possible option is TyranoBuilder, but maybe it's bizarre idea

Or do you have better ideas? I'm curious about your opinions and preferences ^^ 4/4

| >>857501 scp, i'm idiot wtf xd

| btw. you don't need to worry about language so much, if i finished it, and i would want to public it, i would look for someone who would make english translation.

| A terminal game where the plot can be as deep as the player is willing to explore would be really interesting to play, especially for scp where there's so much you can do and work with.

| >>857536 terminal game with scp-lore would be really awesome, but include 6000+ scps is suicide, theoretically it would be one of most text-complex games, but for this i would seriously need large development team, and few people what would have really large knowledge about scp-lore what would being able to co-lead it together. make script would be hell xd but who knows 50k chan can maybe steal it and start working on it (if you would, you can maybe invite) xd 1/2

| >>857536 backroom is good theme i feel, because it would being just about making systematical map, making interaction with it based on lore, but there is not need to fill empty places. in SCP is really difficult to define main character, because you can't being just you, you will be common scientist, O5 or d-class? everyone is having different life, and different view, in backroom is everyone on own, and you can be "you" ^^ backroom have really easy starting point

| theoretically there can be another option. first game can be designed in Terminal, and it would be clearly about text and primitive "rpg"-like actions, and after it would be done, and people would like concept, it can be improved about ascii arts, or it can be remaked as VN, top-view rpg, or anything.. and who know, it would people really loved it, maybe in 3D engine..
TikTok little inspired me, because when i saw few videos, it made feel me like, "fuck i want play it!" xd

| i will try do small research around friends too what they think.. and also if would someone join me ^^

btw.. would you prefer if it was adventure or rogue-like hell?
i won't use random mechanics, and all design will be scripted, but is there close 100% chance that player will die at some point, because of bad decision

should have there be:
1. permanent-dead, game start at 0 again
2. selected checkpoints
3. custom saves
4. save after every backroom level

| 5. just travel step back at the point where you died, so you can die again if you want to

*there won't be real-time events probably, but i still consider

| now when i think, if game was converted in 3D, it could be pretty fun to make it in Source Engine.. probably it would be hell to make it, but uncanny feeling from it would be awesome xd

| >>857556 if it were to be a backrooms roguelike, you could always take inspiration from games like the binding of isaac, but with more of an emphasis on maze exploration, then you could also add terminals or notes in the game to expand the lore, but im not sure how a note based lore would work in a roguelike.

You could expand the project to maks it a community project like what Katawa Shoujo did. I'd be interested in helping.

| >>857585 the binding of isaac is little something what i want avoid to.. i don't want any shooter or so.. i'm sorry that i avoid comparing games and talking about text/video based things, truth is that my mindconcept is only about text and visual like alice in borderland, in terminal it would be 100% turn-based, and choices based like choose from options or based on keywords/commands in input and maybe minimap.. but is possible that 75 of options would be deadly because 1/2

| my concept of backroom would be cruel unfair BR "^^

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