Fall of VR might stop full dive tech

| So we all know it at this point. Everyone likes vr if they don't need to move around too much and don't need a studio to play half of the games. The exceptions ofcourse are stuff like beat saber and vr chat. So this massive unsuccesfull project might lead to companies to not develop full dive tech because it's just not worth it. Everything needs to be portable nowadays. Also metaverse was a failed concept before it even launched

| Considering I have motion sickness even playing regular 3D games, good fucking riddance

| >>857219 this

| If ppl could lie in bed and play vr it would probably take off like heroin

| >>857211 i disagree i like to play rhythm games "^^

| >>857265
hypnospace outlaw moment

| -After these many years it is still very expensive, any modern console is cheaper and offers more (Switch could even VR itself if a single fucking dev cared)
-Games like mobile games
-"It's a tech in development" has been for over 20 years.

| >>857265

You can.

| >>857265
If [they actually marketed that] ppl could lie in bed and play VR [instead of weird second life thing for rich people] it would probably take off like [nintendo switch]

| Very true. But it won't be discontinued just yet. You know, they first need to sell off any remaining tech made up till 2020 as that year made realize them that they actually need to be resources efficient. So Valve for example will still push HL Alyx and SteamDex or whatever it's called for as long as they need. Once VR is discontinued, expect these games to be ported to Android (lmfao) and support mouse and keyboard and a gamepad if the winds are good.

| >>857394 Without throwing up?

| Other than being able to be played when you are lazing around, it also need to be more comfy, like who want for their eyes to be pressed for however hours your gaming sessions is. It also gets worse if you are the sweaty type.

| >>857456

Throwing up/motion sickness et al is something people need to get used to. Once you've acclimated to the virtual environment the nausea that comes with it lessens. It's similar to motion sickness in a car or airplane.

The worst experience I ever had with it was in VRChat- a friend had an avatar of the Half Life train which plays the *entire* Half Life opening cinematic crawl from start to finish around you. It was insanely fun to ride in, but I had such powerful nausea that I had to exit VR for the rest of the day, lmao.

I haven't had that issue since then.

| I would get VR if I could both not buy a zucc spy device and not spend 1000 on an index but there's basically no competition in the space

| Son, lemme tell you somthin. Put on a VR headset, insert your erect penis into a Lovense or a Handsy, rub some pussy scent triple extract on your upper lip and badabing badaboom babyy! We are in business! Immersive, interactive pornography for the low, low price of cheaper-than-a-living-breathing-gf! I sincerely feel like I copulated with a Vanilla from Nekopara and I couldn't be happier. The future is now, folks!

| >>857485
>It's similar to motion sickness in a car or airplane.
I get VERY sick in cars or airplanes that I sometimes need a whole day break after a long ride.

But of course riding them is necessary if I want to get where I want to be. What would VR have that will be worth all that?

| >>857485 Hmm motion sickness in cars etc is a problem that never goes away. Those who are able to get used to vr sickness are those without a motion sickness problem. Maybe a technology that "disables" the inner ear would help

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