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Oblivion GOG Code

| Hey g/u/rls, gotta TES: IV Oblivion GOG code for ya since I already have the game.

Just let the rest of us know if you used it, and it expires the 5th of May.


| It says that the code is currently being redeemed by someone.

| Idk if people care about it.. but in trading community on Fanatical's discord is easily gettable Oblivion or PvZ (from amazon prime) for 250-350 steam gems

For explain: gems are thing what you may have in your steam inventory, it is gettable from burning cards, backgrounds, emoticons etc. Or they can be bought on community market (as sack of gems = 1 sack of gems = 1000 gems) and 1 sack of gems is having value around 35-38 cents) so it's around 10-13 cents.. 1/2

| So if you missed, and someone want it here i hope that i helped, but it's gray area little "^^

But thanks op anyway, you are really nice person ^^ 2/2

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This thread is permanently archived