Games vs Sports

| Why is it that sports like football, basketball etc can have strong communities spanning decades yet the majority of competitive games are lucky to even have a following past it’s first decade?

| More popular, more normalised/mainstream and more accessible unlike a lot of games where they're still seen as niche to a lot of people

| Money, if old bag of bones have a lot of money they would invest anything on monkeys kicking a ball if they win money back (bets and that whole dark illegal bs that almost never sees the light of day because so much people are involved)
Just be thankful eSports aren't that dark, yet.

| Football stood the test of time. Videogamed needs an update every second year or so to maintain interests.

| Naah, just play Wii Sports, win win for everyone!
*mistakenly hitted sport guy in head while playing Tennis with Wii Mote*

| Long live Starcraft: Broodwar!

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| From what I can see you can't really compare those two categories as they are vastly different from each other.
As if you were to compare radio and television.

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>compare radio and television
Well "Video killed the Radio Star" was all about how the visual addition of TV eventually reduced the popularity of audio-only media like radio dramas.

Following from that tract, some people probably like seeing fit athletes doing something they can follow, while it can be hard to understand what's going on in a video game, and then it zooms out to some nerd on a keyboard.

evo moment 37 still hype tho

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