A question for you fighting game controller users: d-pad or joy stick?

| I find the joystick lets me do some inputs easier (z motions or partial half circles/full half circles). My problem with joysticks though is sometimes i accidentally jump because i moved the input a bit too high. The d-pad is still a work in progress for me, the only time i use it 100% is in db fighterz cause its almost full of quarter circles. My bad if i dont get some terms right, still new to the genre.

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I'm primarily a D-Pad player when I'm not using a fight stick. Joysticks are fine enough, but if you end up playing games where instant air dashes are a constant and you don't have a shortcut/macro for it, you might find them a lot tougher to do. Plus, there's more room for input errors.

I suggest easing into D-Pad, but don't feel rushed into doing so. Take your time and practice at a comfortable pace.

| Steering Wheel

| wiimote

| I use dpad for 99% of the stuff, but if im playin a grappler with a 720 motion i'd quickly use the joystick just for that motion and then go back to dpad.

You can do dp motions incredibly easy on dpad, just input forward and then a qcf but press the attack button slightly earlier so it clicks on downforward

| keyboard master race.

| >>855807
Yeah i do hope to be d-pad only. Or at least no longer rely on the joystick for the difficult inputs. I gotta find some ways to make inputs easier to do on d-pad though

| >>855902 What inputs in particular are giving you troubles?

| I hop between both during a fight, if I have inputs beyond quarter circles and Z's. 180's, 360's, and 720's call for the stick (180 not always, but it is more reliable), and if I'm doing something like a Chun Li Kikoken, I'll actually have my pointer finger on the d-pad and my thumb on the stick simultaneously.

| >>855930 half circles, sometimes z, and double quarter circles give me trouble. Sometimes a motion input into another motion input can also mess me up. I know for sure dropping the combo is my fault, but when i drop it because i mess up my input motion and not because of timing, it gets to me a bit

| >>855948 Yeah, it can be frustrating. You're just starting out though, so it's all good.

You have a lot more time than you may think to input the motions thanks to buffer windows, but you can worry about that later. Just keep working at it, and work on making the inputs fluid. You'll get there!

When I first started playing FGs, I would just sit in the lab and practice doing the special moves and let the motions become muscle memory. Maybe that'll help you like it helped me

| >>855948 for the Z motions just input forward followed by a quarter circle forward, it usually autocorrects it to dp otherwise you have to end the qcf slightly earlier

| Actually keyboard

| >>856136 while yes keyboards are good for fighting games, the question was mainly about controllers... sadly, but to each their own

| >>855955 well i played some more today. And surprise-no-surprise i can kind of get the half circles consistently. :o

| >>856111 yeh it does help. Although sometimes i thought i did the motion all i did was forward+down and while i thought i moved my thumb up, im still holding down ;-; but i do seem to be getting better at it. I thought it was harder but the more i play it the more consitent i am. I was very off and a little bit on with fighting games before but now that i play it more often im starting to realize that these motion inputs will come to you eventually

| >>856362 you'll get it consistently soon enough. Before hopping online go in training mode and try to get 10 DPs in a row on each side, or any other motion you're struggling with. Do this every time you play and you'll be doing DPs with no problem in no time

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Training mode does help, but dp motions are sort of notorious. As someone whose invested in fightsticks: having corners in your diagonal stick positions really helps make dp motions feel more natural, as there is a physical notch indicating your input. It's absolutely not impossible to learn them on dpads or joysticks though,

| >>855897 make us two. tfw was poor in a poor country so no arcades, only kofwing lol. im in a better place now tho so i use a controller rn, but arcade sticks are SUPERIOR

| oh and to answer the question, dpad is better imo because its more precise, but sometimes i mash so joystick for me

| My iPhone touchscreen

| >>f97040 Keep at it!

| I used a controller for a while until getting a mix-box, but can definitely say the D-pad with work will give you mostly better results. Just remember not all D-pads are made equal (Switch pro-controller is an example of a bad one) and it may take some time to find a d-pad you enjoy. Even if you can't get more to experience, practice will always help.

| >>857001 the new xbox controller has a super good dpad unlike the 360 one, and a friend I know even has this magnetic attachment thing that makes it easier to handle, and I'm lovin it

| Keyboard

| >>855806 d-pad in 2d fighters like tekken/soulcalibur and joystick in 3d like naruto.. same about platform games..

>>855809 >>855832 >>856517 based xd

Btw.. some people also use fight stick, it's not my example, i tried it only once or twice and didn't use to scheme well

| >>857164 *wait! Joystick? I was mean analogue stick

Tbh joystick is weird i prefer keyboard/gamepad also in games as flight sim/ace combat

| This thing:
Azeron Cyborg

| yall aint rockin with the 1 button dps of 3ds sf4???

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