your favorite RPG game

| My personal favorite is Morrowind

| Elona

| >>855031 very based

| Can't choose one...
Traditional: Might & Magic 3
Turn-Based: Dragon Quest 8
Tactical: Disgaea 1
Action: Xenoblade Chronicles 1
Open-World: Morrowind
Dungeon Crawler: Ultima Underworld
Hack'n'Slash: Sacred 1

| Underrail :)

| I'll pick Mother 3 because it's the one I remember as being perfectly flawless and completely perfect without any flaw. Therefore, it's my favorite RPG.

But if I'm being honest I'll probably pick a porn game like Sakura Dungeon or Sengoku Rance because it aligns with my desire to normalize porn as a healthy coping mechanism for adults.

| Skyrim

| >>855305 Skyrim is also one of my faves

| >>855225 Down bad ngl.

| me when the sus

| I'm just gonna interpret "RPG" the widest possible way

For the roleplaying: Sunless Skies / Shadowrun Hong Kong
For the combat: Octopath Traveler / Fire Emblem Fates Conquest
For the story: TWEWY
For the feels: Disco Elysium / Pyre
Comfy pick: Skyrim
Tabletop: Thousand Year Old Vampire

| E A R T H B O U N D

| This is real difficult but I think I'm willing to say Disco Elysium.

| >>855225 Try lilitales for a better dungeon crawling H RPG, I have no idea who the heck is the target consumer of Sakura xxx games, they just look similar to other sakura game; literal shovelware, low effort copy paste games that get pumped out every year.

| >>855427
Sakura Dungeon is decent compared to the other sakura visual novel games. yeah I dunno, I was gonna say it's pretty high effort for a team of 3, but the game you recommended was made by 1 guy? wtf. Japanese are built different..

| >>855447 I'll be honest, I've only played Demon Master Chris, which (I think) a predecessor to sakura dungeon. I liked that game, tried Sakura dungeon and be like "wtf, this is just the same stuff all over again, but looks slightly worse", especially after I looked at their dev/publisher page and it is littered with low effort visial novels that looks the same.

| As for japanese H game, it is pretty common that the game made by 1 guy, sometimes art is commissioned because the original artist lack the talent/art direction.

If you've only played rance and interested in trying out more, you'll have so much to discover. For example, daibanchou have similar gameplay as sengoku rance. Eiyuu Senki is another example, I personally dislike it, but many sengoku rance fans enjoys it.

| >>855459 I mean, it kinda depends on your standards. Sakura games are kinda shovelware garbage, but I played a lot of shovelware porn, and I learned to differentiate the decent ones among the rest. Sakura Dungeon was just that within the Sakura series. Other example include the early MeetNFuck games posted to the Vadimgod newgrounds page, when compared to their recent or "premium" offerings which were actual garbage. I can go over 2000s mobile games as well but I ranted enough lol.

| >>855465 I have played Sengoku Rance, and Eiyuu Senki is terrible. It is way too colorful, and story/writing is bland. Mobile Eiyuu Senki gacha version is also the same.

| >>855482 well, glad I found someone who I can ageee with.

Got recommended Eiyuu Senki a while after I finished Rance. The thicc lines turns me off, but what got me is that some of the side characters kinda look like drawn by different artist, or at least given very little attention to. Feels like comparing shitty 1 star gacha characters art to the 5 starts ones. And yeah, the writing... I'd rather play some RPGmaker games.

| That's hard.
P3 and P5 are fun, good vibes, chill af.
Bloodborne is best combat, most rewarding and most immersive.
Indivisible is most unique, no bullshit and close to my heart.
XC2 is deep and satisfying combat, Pyra and Mythra.
So, idk.

| FF7 manages to still be fun after all these years and I think that has to account for something.

| Earthbound, probably the only rpg I couldn't stop playing and went straight to Mother 3 after finishing

| Im liking dragon quest 8. Probably because i think the protagonist has a cool outfit

| >>855489
To be fair, Black Souls and the SEQUEL series have entertaining writing for H-RPGmaker games

| I loved the Trails series storyline, but the absolute best rpg I've ever played has to be Divinity Sins 2. The graphics are phenomenal and the combat mechanics in-depth, the world building also complex.
Trying to get into Dragon Age rn. It's alright, I preferred Mass Effect, but it's not bad. Will see if my opinion will improve when I get to the second in the series.

| dragons dogma because the magic is super cool!

| And I stare at lights that makes me blind
Internally there's nothing left for me to be
I'm here alone and ISOLATED

| >>855362
Not enough people talk about Pyre, especially now that Hades is out.

A recent rpg-lite/like game I played was Gurumin and that was adorable from start to finish. It definitely leans into being a grab bag of 99-05 era 3d platforming elements more than an complex rpg though.

| >>856634
Right?? Like even before Hades, I think Transistor was still mentioned more times than Pyre.

I guess objectively Transistor is a "better" game, but Pyre does so many unique things and gave me so many strong feelings. It feels a lot more roleplay-ish too. My fav out of Supergiant's games, honestly.

| >>856643
Transistor technically their most polished game, but tell me that the cast of Pyre isn't their crowning achievement. Pyre is probably the most a game has passed the 'I care about the fictional characters' bar with a story, and it's way of bringing actual stakes to the player's successes and failures is brilliant.

| Fallout:NV and Sunless Sea

| >>856868
I need to try sunless sea at some point

| Don't laugh me, but somehow i have in heart lego games and games from nintendo, fatal frame over that i never finished it, things from ps2 and so "^^

| I agree op Morrowind is fun

| >>857669 Morrowind is awesome

| Kotor

| FFIX nuff said.
But also bloodborne.
But also Okami.
But also Pyre, Bastion, Transistor
But also ...

| Does Scavenger SV-4 count as an RPG?

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