what du u thing about [Gacha] game

| include but no only
blue Archive
Fate Grand order
or kindathing else

| Am I the only one who doesn't consider Genshin a gacha?
I mean sure it has the mechanics of one for summoning heroes and weapons... but that's hardly important to the game.
I don't play anymore (game runs too slow on my pc) but I gave it a solid 80 hours which is more I give to any normal games. And I barely touched the gacha :0

| >>825399 you got shafted…did you

| >>825406 what... does this even mean? o _o

| Hate fgo with every fiber of my being but not fate as a series

Only thing I don't like about arknight is limited characters, but I think it's playable w/o most 6 star

BA is a cunny pedo bait

| Gacha games are pretty bad.

That said I still do dailies on Touhou: Lost Word. I'll never spend a dime on it however, only fools spend their money on gachas

| >>825399
At this point "gacha" is like a whole genre. Aside from the random pulls, it's 1) live service, 2) contain dozens of characters, 3) has gameplay mechanic with a stacks and stacks and stacks of effects resembling TCG, 4) has multiple different resources to grind, 5) mostly mobile-compatible.

I think op wants to talk about the whole scene instead of just focusing on the pull mechanic.

| Honestly? A lot of interesting innovations are going on in this scene! I'm mainly interested in the live service aspect: the constant updates, how they manage power creep, how they unfold the story, how the games interact with the community, etc. But gameplay-wise it's also interesting e.g. how they can make the "grind" aspect fun, how they manage having so many characters.

And like, we all hate the gacha part of gacha games, but it's interesting how each game balance that. The rate can't be too bad or people will quit. But they also have the incentive to get you to pull as much as possible.

| I play Genshin and Fire Emblem Heroes daily. Don't got the time and attention span for other gacha/live service games, but I've been thinking of getting into Arknights.

Used to play Sdorica, Otogi, and Code Atma a bit. Tried Granblue Fantasy but couldn't get into it.

| Oh and SINoAlice. That one couldn't keep my attention for long.

| Only gatcha i still play is Genshin... Used to play a few others ( Skullgurls Mobile, SINoALICE, NieR Reincarnation ) but they all got too grindy for my taste

| >not including GFL


| They're SHIT and gaming is dead

| >>825423 means you didn’t pull anything useful, hence, getting shafted

| >>825476
>how they manage power creep
They don't, p2w units are always the best ones and basically turn the game into a cakewalk

| I would say that Arknights is the most friendly one towards it's players. Constant events, improvements after feedback, general attitude and the fact that you can, theoretically, complete every story stage with 3★ only, and most of them up to chapter 7 with 3★ practically. It also can be fun with all the new mechanics and stuff from the events, as well as challenging at CCs. It also does have a great lore, but that's not the point here.

It even does have a really neat pity system.

| FGO is... Well, it's a Dark Souls of gachas, but worse.

It does have some nice lore and neat character, but it is also milking the shit out of players. You might need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a character you want. Plus it gets boring really fast gameplay-wise.

| Genshin is a Dragon Quest/Diablo with gacha attached to it. Not in a good way, but it works. It's a ok game, but it got too much hype and it's quests are... Well, they are mundane. Not every single one, of course, but most of them are just straight up boring fillers. There's not much you can do if you are not interested in fighting with hordes, travelling across the map or solving some simple puzzles, albeit they are trying to add more stuff.

| Can't say anything about other games.

| >>825399
>Hardly important

You say that, but when a new character is released and they suck or too OP, everybody loses their shit.

| I play Uma Musume and I'm always sad such a great franchise has such an awful game.

| these aren't games

| I'm going to drop fat stacks for c6r5 Yae Miko then play one handed for a month. Why the fuck would you not pay for shrine maiden wakipai?

| >>825693 hello is this the based department?

| I think these games only make sense for salarymen getting off work after overtime shift and they are resisting every urge to blow their money on booze and hostess girls. If you don't fit that criteria, they seem lame

| Tried a few, some of them have interesting gameplay mechanics that requires some strategy or autism, and I'm into that. But it always paywalls some stuff, and I don't like that. I'd rather pay 60$ and get to choose characters that I want to play than having to rely on lucky "free roll"

"buuuuut you can beat the game with 1 or 2 stars characters!"
G/u/rlfucker, you can beat dark souls with the hilt of your sword, doesn't matter that it is the intended experience.

| >>825506I got Xiao which is the onlu reason I wanted to play... so not really. xD

| >>825522
Hardly important to play the game*

I know what you mean, but still, with other games I've tried, until you pull something OP you can't do squash. In Genshin, you can beat the game with Amber alone if you wanted.

| >>825777 >you can beat the game with Amber

This is very true. The thing about Genshin is that it's balanced toward the lowest common denominator. Even a low skill f2p player can clear the hardest content with ease. Not to mention the 4* units are broken af. Bennett and Xingqiu are monster supports out of the box, and all other 4* units are extremely viable. Also, the game is singleplayer/coop PvE, so having OP units doesn't really matter outside of unofficial Abyss world records.

| gacha bad

| Idk what you think about genshin ,but they're taking away the booba and pussy and that unacceptable

| >>825777 well, we are talking about gacha here, gameplay is only parts of the experience. The fact that the community can go mental over the character design, proves that gameplay isn't the be all and end all. If it is, then nobody is going to throw hundreds/thousand just to gamble for a character that can clear the stage faster.

| >>825399 you yourself proved that people who play it for the gameplay and don't care about the gacha quit after around a hundred hours or two. While people who still play, login daily, pay for primos, and reeeee-ing every events care less about the gameplay.

| >>825933
This. Underrated point when talking about games in general, not just gacha. The gameplay can decide early on whether people stay or leave, but the characters (+ world, lore, general atmosphere, etc) are what people stay a long time for.

| >>825937 mmm even though you have a point. I'm hardly a good example. I give up on games I play after a week. Even if I pay for it.
The fact I stayed with genshin for so long, of anything, shows the decency of it's gameplay non including the gacha.

Sure, gacha grabs people because everyone loves their digital waifus/husbandoes. But I dunno, I feel like it's just an extra here. But that's just me. :T

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