wtf is going on with battlefield 2042 even

| Overhyped, broken(?), underwhelming and has operators playing on both sides, so you cannot immediately identify one from another.

I don't feel a whole lot for large titles recently but my god were my expectations just... idk

| dead franchise lol

| idk what Dice was thinking but they clearly are not able to make new battlefield games

| dice is a dead dev

| I miss when Dice could put out bangers. A sad fate.

| Just play it without trying to get a good score or a win and you'll have quite a lot of fun. Trying to run over people with the tuktuk is quite funny

| >>825962 you say that as if that's something unique to 2042.

60€ is a way too high high asking price when people hate it immensely, and I have historically had little satisfaction from multiplayer games.

| >>825484
Well yeah, most the people who worked on previous BF games aren't even there anymore. A bunch of them actually made a new studio iirc. I think the game they're making is called Arc Raiders.

| >>826058 yeah i heard about it. It's still sad that there's no new good battlefields tho. I guess the current best next thing is Squad... Or that new BF3 mod

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