Some cryptocuck made a valhalla coin.

| https://twitter.com/IronicLark/status/1480621161008746496?s=20



Kiririn is aware and currently working on a solution.

If you want to help, please mass report @va11halla_bsc for impersonation.

| Huh. I've no doubt that website is full of stolen assets, but it's pretty well made. They actually put some efforts into this. Disgusting.

When reporting their Twitter account, you can say they're "Pretending to be someone else" and then link to the official @sukebangames.

| reported

this is like all kinds of everythig I hate rolled into one

| It was one of y'all I bet

| >>823533 there are so many javascript templates out there that anyone can just replace backgrounds andcertain graphics in order to make it look so sleek and minimalistic.

| >>823533 I actually noticed the artworks are "original" (as in not from the game). they clearly want to avoid copyright issue. sukeban should trademark their game.

| crypto is a pox

| >>823662

The "original" artworks are actually from different fan artists, so they're still running into a copyright issue.

At any rate, the twitter is now suspended.

| Well, the Twitter profile got suspended, so that's good.

| That shit makes me sad. I hope it gets shut down soon.

| They've got another profile under @valhalla_bsc

artwork in the first post is stolen from girls frontline iirc

| >>825045

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