| I remember some hype around this game's release, including from some g/u/rls here, but then just mostly silence afterwards. I checked the Steam page to see what's up and apparently... it's not doing well at all? Tons of bugs. Broken save system. Inaccessible final chapter. And the solo dev sounds really sad in their update notes.

Any of you g/u/rls have played the game?

| Haven't played it yet. Waiting for the Mac version. But, yeah. Endesga had a lot of problems around release sadly.
They felt pressured to not push it back anymore and overworked themselves like crazy leading up to that date, but it wasn't enough time to fix everything + game testers had actually tested it properly + some problems with the way Steam interacted with the engine etc.
Just a very unfortunate release and a solo dev with health issues working their ass off to fix it.

| On the positive side though, a lot of the worst bugs have been fixed by now. There are still some minor issues, but most people should be able to play through it without much problem, and more and more stuff keeps getting fixed.
And everyone I've talked to who's played through it has loved it a lot (people who played it before it was on Steam so and people who played after the worst bugs got fixed).

So, yeah. Bad release, got review bombed, but very good game when it qorks.

| *works

(Sources: The Nykra Discord, talking with people in the community, talking with the dev)

| >>823256
*hadn't actually tested

| I'm really glad the community is mostly supportive, and that there still is a community. I don't think the dev can handle it if they got the typical toxic fanbase.

But also, now I want some fresh eyes, someone who's not a fan, to take a look at the game. Like, bugs aside, rose-tinted glasses off, is it really good?

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