"Jet Set-like" revival

| For what i'm seeing, it looks like there are some devs coming up with a revival of the style of Jet Set Radio, like Team Reptile or the guys who made Umurangi Generation. What do y'all think?

| Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has the same composer. I don't know if they have any of the other OG staff, but it looks like a pretty solid spiritual successor. I'm looking forward to it.

| >>821986 fun fact, Umurangi Generation literally has a N1RV Ann-A Easter egg in it

| I like the rebirth of all this stylleee

| Just finished Jet Set Radio Future recently, the style is really sick !

| Shoutout, Lethal League Blaze

| Shout out to funky uncle Hideki for being the coolest uncle ever!

| I hope 2mello spins some stuff for it

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