It's 2022 and Nintendo Switch's milestones are

| - No GTA V
- No Wind Waker or Twilight Princess port
- No Virtual console
- No Tekken 7
- No Street Fighter V
- No Soulcalibur
- No Pro model
- No Metroid trilogy
- Not fixed Joy-con drift
- No Sonic Adventure 1 or 2
- No Netflix
- No backwards ownership
- No Silksong
- No Dark Souls 2 or 3
- No Sims 4
- No more mentions to "Joy-con doggo"
- Allows to use Wireless earphones
- The Witcher 3
- NSO & Expansion
- Most suscesful Nintendo console
- infinite rumours

| >playing microtransaction V
>playing a fighting game on the switch
>wtf is a pro model
>watching netflix on your switch
>wtf is a joy con doggo

Rest is fair.

| >>821135
> playing a fighting game on the switch
Oi, why not? +R works great on Switch.
And a pro model is something the Switch sorely needs right now, because as good as its games are, chugging some of them at 15fps does not feel great.

Other than that OP is a dummy.

| >>821135
> fighting games on switch

Smash: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.

| Pretended to make something funny as a joke towards the many "port this" and the many rumours the console has gotten forever while still the console has achieved so much and improved since release without the help of big names, you can't just post nothing anymore on /v/ without being insulted.
To be fair this is a 4channer >>821135 who probably only plays fighting games on Arcades and wins to cpu.
Careful >>8635a9 saying that, probably some g/u/rls may haunt you for that opinion.

| Bippity boppity. Smash players are trash and they smell like ass.

| > No Sims 4
ok op is definitely trolling

| >>821239
Hard to tell when someone is being sarcastic on the internet, op. Make shit jokes get shit responses etc. If you want a normal discussion you should have been sincere from the beginning.

| OPs wife’s boyfriend is doing a mating press on her.

| Smash players are pedophiles.

| Genshin on Switch exists. You have to install android on the emummc to get it.
Genshin on switch runs EXTREMELY well. Like, decent fps on high graphics settings still!
If genshin can work on this hardware, the other things on your list should also work well with wine-like system-call-translation programs!

| >>821576
Cannot tell if this is trolling. Op did not mention Genshin at all but I would if I was op

| >>821250

This but unironically.

>Op hurt itself in confusion!

| Not too bothered with no Netflix, I just want the games and find bloated multimedia features distract me as its all I do with my ps4.

| >>821595 she's not trolling, here:
Also I don't recommend piracy because that's toaaaatally not possible at all and it would also be illegal ar ar ar ar ar ;)
Hey >>8e20d6 wanna play Mario kart?

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