Dark Souls 2 was criminally overheated

| Recently played it again and I enjoyed it more than 1 and 3. The combat in 2 is so much better, the dlc wasn’t horrible like 3s, and the weapon/ build variety was great. I found the NPCs great and memorable, even the invaders. Why was it so hated??

| Fucking autocorrect, fuck my life. Meant overhated.

| I don't hate 2 completely, but I do think it's the most fanfic-y and least memorable Souls game of the bunch. Imo 2 & 3 never even needed to exist. The biggest problems I remember having with 2 were with the weaker map design, bastardized lore, and the quantity-over-quality philosophy for combat encounters. Soul memory was ass too. That being said, I don't recall the finer details of 2. Haven't played since launch. I do recall enjoying my faith build before they nerfed it at least.

| Overheated is a good word though, Imma use it. Games that causes too much arguments. Overheated.

| >>820539
>Imo 2 & 3 never even needed to exist.
Do you mean this in that, you'd rather Fromsoft make them unrelated by lore, like Bloodborne or Sekiro? Like, if the gameplay is exactly the same but the lore is different, would that be better?

| >>820537 Completely agree with you, except on the "DS3 horrible DLCs" part (well, maybe on Ariandel a bit)

One thing this game has that the others don't is, that you can kind of tell the personalities of some invaders/phantoms from the gestures they do. One that blew my mind recently was Bradley of the Old Guard. When he sees you're hurt, he gestures at you to come closer, and when you do he heals both with miracles.

| Alway check your microwave before playing DS2

| >>820547 Yes and no. I think games that have some Souls DNA are fine. I don't think Bloodborne and Sekiro are clones of Dark Souls, although I do think they are close cousins. Clearly related, yet more distinct. Ultimately, I would prefer for Miyazaki to make the games that he wants to make. I believe the Dark Souls sequels primarily exist because of financial interests from higher up the ladder. I strongly believe that Miyazaki never intended for Darks Souls to have sequels.

| Um no. I think it's rather cool. Most people didn't even use freezer when playing it.

| Jokes aside, calling 3's DLC as "horrible" is the hot take of the day.

2 was hated because it was very jarring in numerous areas. Some areas were terribly designed (Frigid Outskirts is the prime example) and most of the difficulty in DS2 came from enemy ganks (yes other SOuls have ganks, but 2 went overboard with it) rather than well designed areas and bosses so it's padded with artificial difficulty.

| >>820582 Also adding to this, 2 is also bizarre in a way that it's more clunky than 1, it has horrible movements. Like 1 is clunky, but 2 makes it feel like some precise fast paced action hack and slash.

| You're right it made my ps3 very hot and it was extremely upsetting.

| They made rolling a stat and that hurts my soul

| >>820537
People hated it because it wasn't the same/an extension of Dark Souls 1. There was a bunch of minor gameplay shit people harped on but there was also a lot of QoL improvements.
Even if DS3 had the best DLCs the base game is still incredibly derivative of DS1 and DeS to an absolutely insane degree, and everything it apes from those games is done worse, plus it has some of the worst gameplay in the entire Soulsborne catalog. 0/10, trash game.

| i've never played a fromsoft game, where should i start

| >>821017 ds1 remaster or ds3

| Ds1 prepare to die isn't sold but if you have it note you can only roll 8 directions when locked on, I can't remember if the remaster fixed that but it's not a problem in ds3

| >>821090
I don't have them installed, but DS3 does that as I recall. DS2 is the only game that allows any direction rolling while locked on, the others all lock to directions

| >>820926 DS3 is a direct continuation of DS1 you peanut head. Obv it's gonna be derivative. Of it. Also DS3 has nothing in common with DeS. Shows how much you've played. DS3 and Bloodborne gameplay are similar and are considered the best the series provides but go on with the copium.

| I could also discuss DS2 with you but that game kept kicking me out of online mode after 10 minutes each launch
I spent all day fixing that without success, and I'm still salty
I just wanted to laugh at silly player messages but in the end, I was the skeleton who gave up...

| >>821305
Derivative and iterative are different things. DS3 is just the same shit, again.
>nothing in common with Demon's souls
Is that a joke? Ithryll Dungeon is a lamer Tower of Latria, and the run up to Twin Princes is lifted directly from Boletaria. And that's just a few examples.
Bloodborne is the best in the series, and DS3 is the worst. Deal with it.
try tongue but whole


| Huge agree

| >>821382 BB is the best in the series agree. But DS3 is the worst? No. DeS remake, original DeS as well as DS2 are significantly worse.

You're joking right? Irithyl Dun and Tower of Latria have nothing in common outside of the fact that they're both prison.

| >>823215

like i dont think any of the games are less than "hey,pretty good" but BB and DS3 easily sit at the top of the list and not for lack of anything. I love DS2 to death but better mechanics, graphics, and level designs are just better.

| S-tier: BB
A-tier: DS1 & DS3
B-tier: Sekiro
C-tier: DS2
D-tier: DeS

| All good games, but that's the cannon order

| >>823215
>these visually similar areas in a game series have nothing in common beyond being visually similar areas
You're a fucking retard

| >>823264

Harsher than i would rank but acceptable

| >>823264
Sekiro is S-tier (S stands) for Sekiro, change my mind

| I fucked up the parentheses, but you get the gist

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