I hope we get N1RV Ann-a eventually

| I am sending my best wishes to you devs!

| I am fine with waiting for it, i think some of the devs were getting burned out from it, and if they have to take a long break and maybe make a different game in between to deliver the best CBA game they can, then i will gladly wait, dreaming of Sam

| More than that, I think there needs to be more games like this. Have convo, while mixing drinks or cooking food or something at a cafe/bar etc. Not a lot of games like this :/

| >>819736 this reminds me to ask about something I was looking for but couldn't find, did one of the devs get dropped from the project? they used to be listed on the project website and no longer are, wanted to know what was up with that

| >>820391
Yeah, they had some creative differences as far as I know.

| >>3bf81d probably something very risque. Same dood who came up with dorothy so wouldn't be surprised if they got locked in on something rough. But i think it might be a bit more complicated.

| >>820391

A falling out, but I think they're still working on it. No idea.

I wouldn't expect Nirvana to come out any time soon. If it does come out, it'll likely be completely by surprise.

| I'm guessing a Christmas miracle or similar release date.

| What can we play in the meantime to get those Sukeban vibes?

| IIRC the old writer dropped, now it looks like kiririn's the one dealing with that along with art. At least they got a new programmer to help them with the coding. I think I've said this in another thread, but I do wonder how the gaming scene is in SA, and whether kiririn can find someone else to help Sukeban out.

| >>928bde suda51, they both reference eachother in their games so there's probably some crossover in terms of taste.

| I'm patiently waiting for the game. Take all the time you need. I love the other 3d thing they teased too.

| There are mods for the game. It's worth replaying the game with mods

| >>822065 Wot?? It hadn't even occurred to me that Va-11 Hall-a would have a modding scene. I must look into this ...

| >>822067
There's a fat person mod

| And I hope it's got protag NTR in it!

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