What game do you want to beat this year?

| Look through that backlog, find a game that's been calling to you. Resolve to beat it. Just one's enough.

I will beat Shadow Hearts this year.

| Euphoria

| Fuck I mean Elona

| VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

| I wanna be the boshi

| Disco Elysium! I've had it since release! Never finished it!

| I need to finish SMTV and get through both Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Dragon Quest XI... Wish me luck...

| >>819218 You picked some long games, g/u/rl... I left off gearing for the true final boss in DQXI, and uh... I just suck at XBC2.

| Tetris

| I want to finish Nier Automata

| >>819182
Same here! Except I bought it at the autumn sale and haven't even started the game yet.

| I have over 30 games in my backlog and not much time to play them due to work. I wanna complete at least 20 of them + upcoming games like Elden Ring and Pokemon Arceus.

| >>819218
3 JRPGs at once? Why would you curse yourself this way

| elona

| >>819555
Because I hate myself. Well, anyway, the year is long... Right..?

| Haven’t beat the og dark souls yet. Mario 3d world too.

| among us

| >>819638

| Transitioning

| >>820460
Only 41% of players complete the main quest, maybe you can raise the number.

| >>820489 That's actually a shitty speedrun, that's not so fun. So I'd recommend that.

| Noita.

Mostly because there is an amazing Megumin skin mod but modded Noita doesn't let you progress thru the game, so I wanna beat the game first before I can play with the skin.

My reward will be Megumin. I just need to... not get Noita'd

| >>820605 I would not* recommend that.

| Marriage

| Flower, Sun, & Rain.

| >>820610

If you just want to finish the run, then it's not [too] hard. Might take a few attempts, but in the end there are just simply far too many combinations to not get through everything.

However, there are... A LOT of things in this game, from secrets to secret bosses to the alchemy to the creation of the Sun itself with an option to "corrupt" it. And, of course, a few different endings.

So you would need probably more than a year to fully "complete" the game.

| An addition to previous post:

There are still some unsolved secrets in Noita, so, technically, game isn't completed yet, nor can it really be completed due to the fact that developers continue updating it from time to time.

| Dark Souls.

| >>819182
Check if there's a way to disable overall narration; Final Cut had no ill will in that department, but man, it comes across as monotone. Severely so.

Besides that, you're in for a ride. Definitely a CYOA classic for ages to come.

| >>821230
I already got halfway through the game before the Final Cut update and even back then I disabled all the voice acting. The voice I made up in my head was funnier anyway

| I want to finish FFXIV Stormblood and catch up to the Endwalker's end. I probably won't, but I want to.

| I know this won't happen but Persona 5 Royale.

It won't happen cuz I don't have a system to play it. If I get one it will be too late into the year, and if it took me 4 months to beat Persona 4..... then yeah :C

| >>821814
It took me 2 years to beat P3P. 4 months is super fast for these 100 hours JRPG.

| >>821824
P3Fes took me 6 months for my first run... which I lost near December [in-game] because I lost the savefile.
So 3 years later I restarted it on Hardmode and took me an entire year to beat. Kind of poetic actually.

... if P5 is as long as P3, then oh no

| >>822019 P5 vanilla took me like ~115hrs to beat, which I did in the span of like... 2-3 weeks. God, I miss uni sometimes.

I'm sure P5 Royal would be at least 10-20hrs longer. Wishing I would have bought it during lockdown...

| Godfuck is one that peaks my interest, sadly not out yet

| Lost Odyssey. I never had the game until now!

| Life

| Brb, getting on that

| My first save for persona 3 portable is dated February 2nd,2019. Hopefully, maybe, this year.
First save for the ff3 remake on PSP is September 10,2018. I'm 70% done, just got stuck on a boss.
And I haven't beat the dark souls yet. Every time I start, something happens. I move house, the computer breaks, I sell my Xbox,etc. Tis a pity

| Sekiro

| >>820489
Oooo, edge

| hades (i mean the epilogue and prophesy quests, not the "unseen one" badge, god fucking forbid)
maybe at least a couple big (over 10hrs) VNs (all endings)
beating a handful (3 or 4) other unfinished titles on steam would be great too or 1 big title from start to finish but I'll take what i can get

| Sekiro or yakuza 5

| Valheim

| Planned on getting through the Yakuza mainline stuff, gonna make sure I finish and enjoy my time with 6 before going into the shift that 7 will be.

Afterwards I was gonna refinish Death Stranding but with that extra bits hitting PC at some point in time I'll likely have more to dig into once that drops.

| >>826343
Man, I can't wait to get to 7. The problem is, I've only just started 0, which is my first time playing anything in the series. It's gonna be a looong road through the very mediocre brawling, but I'm in it for the great story and wacky sidequests.

| >>826346
For what it's worth, 7 was my first and I enjoyed it. I didn't feel like I missed anything or have to play any of the previous games. (Though admittedly I know a bit about Kiryu and Majima already through cultural osmosis).

| Dark souls

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