Finally got Xbox and Game Pass! What games do you recommend?

| G/u/rls, I'm proud to say I got an Xbox Series X. I built up a list of games I want want play, but I'll look for unique & lesser known games. I tend to prefer story-driven games. What do you recommend? I'm open to playing both old and new games. It is my first Xbox after all.


| >>818701 OP is missing out. Its not on xboner at all!

| >>818700 are you looking for xbox exclusives specifically or just generally good games?

| Blinx the time sweeper!

| Is bleeding edge still kicking? Worth giving that a try.


| >>818775 what other game on xbox can you get fat on anyway?

| Elona

| >>818752 just good games in general, especially if they're on Game Pass or older games patched with better resolution/FPS

| Dragon's Dogma

| Anything that's not ubisoft or squeenix is good, because those NFT promoting aholes can gtfo and die.

| i'm not sure if it's same as pc one, but Forza and MS Flight Sim is nice or minecraft dungeons

| sea of thieves

| The touryst

| haven. it's a really wholesome and cute game with an interesting setting

| >>820351 Isn't all you do is just fly around collecting stuff? I played it with a friend for a bit, and we both agreed it was more something you pick to play with your significant other who isn't interested in gaming but wants to be involved in what you do. Boring with kinda one dimensional characters, it's not something you sit down to 'game'.

| Okay so, here's a list of all my recommendations of single player games that are available on Game Pass

Alan Wake
Alice Madness Return
Dead Space
Fallout New Vegas
Hollow Knight
Mirror's Edge
NieR Automata
Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
The Long Dark
The Outer Worlds

| I second Dishonoured, esp the 2nd one. One of the most level designs you'll find in a game. It's ingenious.

I also second Hades, incredible roguelike. Great mileage.

I also second Ori. ESP the 2nd one. One of the best metroidvanias EVER.

On top of these, I'd also recommend Monster Hunter World, Vigil the Longest Night, Ender Lilies, Bloodstained, Pyschonauts 2.

| >>820404 one of the best* level designs, oops

| >>820404 i personally prefer the first Dishonored, mainly because of the story being a tad better, on top of a series of various small details that make the first one a better focussed game imo

| >>820428 I agree. 1st DH has better story and is more focused. But IMO the 2nd has better designed levels and more variety in powers (esp once u beat the first playthrough and get access to both Corvo and Emily's powers from then on). 2 allows you to do some significantly more crazy creative feats.

| The prime example of this IMO would be the "A Crack in the Slab" mission which is just ingenious.

| >>820360 I played Haven before. Nah, there's actually RPG battles and you're working towards fixing your ship while cooking and crafting. So it's more than gliding around.

| i will recommend [project wingman]

| Outer Wilds (not worlds) is basically a one in a life time experience (i suggest going in blind, googling anything can be spoilery, and discovery things is 100% of the game. Alternately ive had a blast with Cris Tales, critics bashed the shit out of it, but given how it was my first "JRPG" even tho its colombian, it is gorgeous and even tho it can be "stereotypical" at times it is fun and quirky with characters and thats all i wanted from it

| >>821352 what did people say about it? I thought using time to change the condition of your opponent to be a fun mechanic. And yeah, it was really beautiful. Didn't know it was Columbian though. And with Sukeban being a Venezuelan studio, I wonder how the south american game scene is like.

| As far as a looked into it they always complained about the loading times (i had a shitty pc until not very far so i didint care), and that it is a love letter to Jrpgs, with the bad parts of it, like how turn-based is "outdated", lots of minor nuisances and lack of polish and how "this is babys first JRPG" and similar things, they were real criticisms, but all the flaws of the game were in areas i dont value as much (they judge the game by a standard the game dosent aim for)

| >>f69f0f shit forgot to mark, ive never used boards and chans before, my bad im getting used to it

| If you get Xbox live gold, they give you a free game to own every month

| >>821560 don't forget that Live Gold is included in Game Pass Ultimate

| >>821560 a couple actually, but you can only keep them so long as you keep paying for gold.

| >>821606 that doesn't sound right... I haven't payed for Gold in over a year and i can still play all the 200+ games i got from it. Unless they changed it since i last subscribed you should still keep em

| >>821688 tbh I don't exactly understand the system, because I do have a chance couple games I don't remember buying in my library, but I also know I get a pop up saying I have to re-subscribe to gold if I want to play the games I downloaded which stayed in the gold section.

| Well, there's a difference between game pass and gold. With gold, you 'buy' the game in the xbox store for $0. Game pass just lets you download the game immediately, without any receipts or transaction. You probably got tricked into just downloading the game.

| Lol

| Have you tried to get Va-11 Hall-A? I've heard it's a really good game.

| mlb the show

| nier automata 100%, life changing game

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