Favorite dead game series

| What game series do you adore that hasn't gotten a game in over ten years, and doesn't have one in development?

I'll start: Bring Back F-Zero

| Not quite ten years, but I want another Drakengard game. I loved 3 so much, but good fucking lord, it ran like hot dog shit on concrete. Just chain Yoko Taro to the radiator with a typewriter, give Platinum at least $20M, and watch the maddness bloom.

Special Mention to Parasite Eve. Just retcon the 3rd Birthday and give me back my girl Aya. The real Aya.

| You know what? Retcon Parasite Eve 2 also. Fuck that romance bullshit they pulled.

| Lost Planet ;_;
First game is decent. Second game blew my socks off. Ex Troopers was so freaking fun even though I don't understand Japanese at all. Fourth game was a huge step back and I wish the series got redeemed & revived with Lost Planet 5. CAPCOM, PLEASE MAKE A NEW LP GAME WITH RE ENGINE.

| Elona

| Colony Wars

| I desperately want a new Jak and Daxter game. Even when they turned it edgy it was still fun as fuck.

| I miss Professor Layton. I know they can never capture the magic again and Layton Mystery Journey's Katrielle just isn't the same, but I still miss it.

Also it's been over ten years since the last Trauma Center game?? Bring that back!

I too would like more of Drakengard's unhingedness please.

| Ar tonelico, especially with what gacha games can pull off these days. They should make it even lewder. Heck they can make it PG and I'll still play it for the badass songs.

Devil Summoner Raidou. Now that Persona 5 and SMT V has 3D models of the demons in unreal engine, they should make use of it for the action game.

Oh, and Suikoden.

| I really miss the SWAT series... There's Ready or Not trying to take it's place but it doesn't really feel the same. I still play Swat 4 from time to time despite it being from 2005

(Honorable mention to Darkstalkers cuz technically speaking they did release a remastered collection of the first two games 8 years ago)

| >>818253 Ar Tonelico had some hot tracks. Gust does work in the music department.

Also, King's Field V please.

| Suikoden series.

One of the best world/lore among JRPG games. Needs a hard reboot tbh Sadly it's Konami so there's almost zero chances of that happening.

| >>818286
You haven't heard of Eiyuden?? It isn't straight up called Suikoden but surely that makes the "series" far from dead.

| Breath of Fire. Capcom won't bring it back because they're cowards and shitheads.
Yeah, at least Suikoden is getting a spiritual successor from the original creators.

| Kinda basic, but I'd love to see what a modern Mother game would be like. Even though i haven't played all of it, those games are really cool, and I think a new one could be sick.
I doubt that's ever happening though.

| Cyberpunk Bartending games

| >>818503 it'll be out someday, we just have to believe hard enough

| Megaman Legends.

I still have hope that they, at the very least, release an anime telling the final of the game... considering they ended in such cliffhanger ; _;

| >>818389 Eiyuden is NOT Suikoden. It's made by the same team but the Suikoden lore, world and the characters are gone. So yes Suikoden is indeed dead. Just because they're making a new game similar to it doesn't mean the series is alive. The series is dead. Eiyuden has a completely new set of characters, a completely new lore and world.

| I want to know the mystery behind characters like Viki and Jeanne. The background behind the ruinage of ancient Armes kingdom etc. in Suikoden. But that'll never happen because they're not making any new games.

| Man I enjoyed CustomRobo. Its latest entry was on the DS with online multiplayer but I guess Nintendo doesn't give a fuck.

| >>818544 I'm glad you said it, I didn't want to beat this dead horse.

I'll add Xeno series. Xenogears, Xenosaga etc.

| >>818810 Big fan of Xenogears, but I never got around to the rest. Do you think Xenosaga holds up, or can I just watch an LP?

| >>818810
You do know Xenoblade Chronicles is Xeno series, right? It's not dead lol.

| >>818819 I know but… there seems to be no connection to the others.

>>818817 Just watch a lp cause it's a game mostly full of cutscenes

| >>818198 I second that, I want parasite eve to get more love.

| >>818838
I mean, it's basically the same with Xenogears and Xenosaga. It's mainly in concepts and stuff that it's related. You can vaguely tie a minor story connection together if you try really hard, but that's about it.

| I really wish Dragons Dogma would get a new game, seems the sequel got cancelled. The magic in that game felt perfect in a way no other game has really replicated.

| >>818967 Agreed. Dragon's Dogma has one of the best gameplay in a game in the past decade.

| >>818967
Ex-fucking-cuse me, have we played the same game? What feels perfect in holding one button for 30 seconds and then getting your cast interrupted during the animation by some terrible random bullshit? I had to resort to Holy Focused Bolt spam during the endgame on my Sorcerer, because nothing else fucking worked. It was the most frustrating mage experience I've ever had.

Gotta give credit where it's due though, the aesthetics and the general look of magic *are* great.

| >>818544
Thanks for saying it so I don't have to.
Instead, I'll say they should reboot Vectorman.

| >>819219 bruh then you didn't play Sorcerer properly and had terribly trained pawns. I almost exclusively use Sorcerer through BBI and I almost never get interrupted. Get uti/scather/miti pawns depending on their classes and use proper positioning.

| >>819336
> didn't play Sorcerer properly
Cool story bruh. HFB spam is playing Sorcerer properly, everything else is just copium.

| >>819558 lawl imagine thinking that. Cool.

| Imagine two retards arguing over how to play a vidya correctly

| >>818817
Xenosaga 100% DOES NOT hold up. Unless you can get an emulator to run it at 200% speed, don't bother, the game is SOOOOOO SLOW.
Is this a joke? Dragon's Dogma's gameplay is straight up ass.
>the aesthetics and the general look of magic *are* great.
Compared to what? Seemed pretty generic to me.

| >>820290
Yeah, it's nothing totally unique, but it *is* done well. Especially shit like Bolide and Maelstrom for example, the casting animations are cool and the sheer *scale* of those spells is not too commonly seen. At least in, like, third-person action games.

| B-Blinx the time sweeper qwq

| Titanfall T_T

| For the Frog the Bell Tolls. It could've been a household gaming franchise like Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy.

| >>820290 Bad taste and what not. And imagine thinking DD's magic looks generic. Show me a game where you can cast down a meteor shower or a huge ass funnel of tornado or whip around enemies with a giant whip made out of lightning.

| >>820389
It needed a cooler name, probably.

| >>820403
Bruh, Meteor Swarm is a classic D&D spell and has been in tons of games, and tornados have been too. That shit aren't remotely unique, you just named two of the most generic possible spells. Dime a dozen RPG shit. Lightning Whip is from fucking Ultima, that more original but it's not the first game to feature it by a low shot.

But that isn't even what we were talking about, the look of the spells is generic regardless of the spell itself.

| >>820457
What other third person games have huge meteor showers and giant tornados though?

| >>820462 Jenshin Impact

| >>820435
There isn't actually a proper English version of the name, that's just a direct translation from Japanese TwT

| At this point, Ni No Kuni might have to go on here. As much as I love all three games and even watched the anime a plethora of times, I don't really believe there's going to be any more NiNoKuni games.

It's a really neat series but I bet it's way too expensive for them to actually continue, any future titles (if any) will probably have massive drops in quality.

| >>820652 There's 3???

| >>820673
I didn't know either and was confused by that post, but apparently there's a DS game as well. I've never heard about this before.

| >>820462 Genshin doesn't have any of that and it's not a magic system. Try again and name more than one game because you said "generic" implies it's a usual thing and should exist in majority of the games.

| Sly Cooper

| I'd love a new Bomberman platformer like the N64 games. Not big into the typical games

| >>820704
Not to defend the gurl you were trying to reply to, I agree that there aren't many western-style RPGs with huge spectacles spells like meteors or tornadoes, but Genshin absolutely has a magic system and plenty of spectacle spells.

And it just occured to me as I wrote this, but JRPGs are full of spells like those too. Final Fantasy, Atelier, Megami Tensei, etc.

I haven't played as much western-style RPG so cmiiw but the few I have do tend to have less exciting spells.

| I wish Fossil Fighters got a new game,,, my fav series

| I just want old school Tenchu back. Tenchu II Birth of the Stealth Assassins is still my favourite ninja game to date.

| bring back Rival Schools... They put Akira in SF5, might as well make a new RS while at it

| I miss Mega Man Battle Network.

| >>821257 yeah!! I totally forgot about tenchu!

| Not a series, it's just that the game was built by one developer from scratch, and was abandoned. I'd love to see the same idea but implemented in modern setting.

| The power planets Facebook MMO game. That was an AMAZING concept!

Basically you got 3 days to build stuff on a planet to make it prosperous. Then, it moves on to the next person. A lot of people played that game.

| >>820673 >>820687, I'm the >>281df4 g/u/rl, and yeah! I'm like really not surprised not that many people knew about it, it's a really small footnote but I really just love everything Ni No Kuni related.

It has alot of emotional and personal meaning to me as it guided me through rough patches in my life. I relate alot to the growth these story games tell, the charm can't really be found anywhere else. <3

Also I want Roland to pound me so hard. <3<3<3<3<3

| >>821533
Wholesome <3
It really does have a completely unique charm to it.

And Roland can very much get it! Big agree.

| Chrono series

| Okami :(

| Onimusha

| Summon night and especially the summon night swordcraft story series are things I want brought back

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