Halo Infinite's weekly challenges are a pain

| Send help cuz im losing my sanity... I never thought stopping 5 enemy killing sprees would be this hard

| most challenges are stupid

| I found halo boring tbh

| Play because fun, ignore challenges, return to God gamer

| dOn UnDeRsTaNd y U aR cOmPlEtInG a GaMe
iS nOt InTeNdEd By DeV s

| OP, did you just complain about this on the steam forums? I responded to one with a similar thread title...

| >>807669 nope, don't use the steam forums

| Also update: farmed enough +50 xp to get get another challenge reroll and used it since it progressed to 2/5 after like another 10 games.
Got a "win 3 fiesta games"... Finished it in 4 games. Life is good now

| Yeah, I got a 20 assists one for fiesta. Its not particularly hard, just time consuming, so i used a challenge switch item and got a "win 2 matches" one instead.

Rocking my new samurai mjolnir now. <3

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