Dwarf Fortress Stories

| I'll start.
This was one of the first time I ever made it "far" into the game. I had a small cave base (like good dwarves do). I then sent my guards to hunt wolves.
Things got messy, but they returned, so it was fine.

Later, a werewolf showed up and attacked us. "No problem, I got archers defending!" I said... naively.
The werewolf got all the way into base and my archers were doing nothing. That's when I realized... the archers lost their arms fighting the wolves... oops.

| Elona

| I got involved with a succession game on Bay12.
My turn came up, and I took all the 80 dwarves out to build a wooden town on the surface.
I then proceeded to cave-in the old entrance and write up a story about the dwarves being forced to abandon their lifestyle at (bismuth bronze)-hammer point.
I have been declared a sadist by the community at large and my turn was rolled back.
God bless.

| >>807592 lmao

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