i love osu

| osu is very fun, you g/u/rls should really play it :D

Osu is fun, but have you tried--

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| What the firetruck did you just say about me, you little weeb? I’ll have you know I full combo'd top of my rank in mania, and I’ve been involved in numerous pp farming on blastix riotz, and I have over 20 300pp plays. I am trained in jack streams and I’m the top 4k player in the US. You are nothing to me but just another 4 digit. I will wipe you the firetruck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on lr2, mark my firetrucking words.

| >>807140 [______]

| Pref why are trying to make ppl play osu

| Maybe because osu is fun and awesome?
I think.
I dunno, I only played the Taiko gamemode exclusively.

| Yeah Ohio State University is pretty fun but it's not *that great*

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