The AScent

| Does anyone play. I'm AL K!NG zero on Xbox live. Criminally underrated cyberpunk entry


| What kind of criminal is making at least 3 threads and playing on xbox? Sadly i never get with touch of xbox consoles, and i feel that here won't be much people also

| >>807118 Here we go, another pathetic console warmongering.

| >>807171 my heart belong to Nintendo, PS and PC ^^

| >>22d881 My heart belongs to all of them because who gives a fuck? I don't even own an Xbox but I appreciate it for what it does.

They're all just boxes that play games.

| >>807207
I give fucks.
I myself is a console and I love playing with my joystick controller at the center of my body.

| >>807218
You're just a box.

| >>807219

| Elona on xbox

| more like ass scent heheehh

| >>807600 lmao yeah hehee hah...

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