So, I just finished Transistor

| Supergiant just really don't miss, huh? Holy shit. Idk if I should be mad at myself for barely playing it when I first tried it years ago, or if I should be happy that I got to experience it now that I'm older and the themes hit different.

Either way, damn. I knew this game was gonna be a one of a kind, but, this was just, so fucking good. Super unique, short and sweet, it tried something different and it not only succeeded but did it excellently.
An easy 8 or 9.
Highly recommend.

| Hell yeah, Supergiant games have never once disappoint me, try Pyre as well. It really feel like I was one of the team and journeying with others.

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I really, really want to! Only problem is that my computer can barely run a Gameboy emulator and the only console I get to consistently play games on is Switch, which it's not ported to.
But if it ever gets ported or I have a week or something with nothing to do and a PS4 available, then I'll do it.

| It's such a wonderful game!! I especially love that it's somehow a tactics game without imitating the design of games like XCOM or Final Fantasy Tactics.

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Yeah! It's such a unique approach. It works extremely well too! Like, blending action and tactics like that was genius. Such a treat of a game!

| I love Transistor and yeah Supergiant are so good at their stuff, the only game of theirs I haven't played is Bastion, you should try Pyre as soon as you can g/u/rl it's such a weird but perfectly made experience

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I will be when I can, trust me.
And, you should definitely give Bastion a shot. It's been a while since I played it (never finished that one either, I was a kid with concentration issues) but from what I remember it's really fun. And judging by my experience with Transistor, it's probably even better than I remember.
So, give it a chance when you can! And I'll play Pyre when I get the opportunity.

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