OKAY I got 1 more bundle just for fun

| Alright, please take 1 game at a time and leave some for other g/u/rls and remember to comment which key you took this time.

I am so stressed out, so I hope to at least make your day better than mine.

-Bundle G/u/rl with crippling amount of shit to work on...

| I took the first one, thanks.

| Due Process: 8KKV4-23P04-NJXJQ
(tactical FPS)

House Flipper: 9NA3D-68M6T-76VDD
(Uhh you design house? IDK)

Wingspan: 90WVR-07FKE-7QE6W
(Strategt card games with birds)

Turnip Boy: 955WI-VBG46-BL5CR
(Top down adventure game with cute art)

SimpleRockets 2: 8DKJ6-IP0WP-6YV57
(Self explanatory?)

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin: 9B944-9WTQE-K2T5I
(Retro shooter, seems cool)

Mobius Front 83: 8QC5E-TX83J-8LYVY
(Straight on strategy games with military stuff)

| >>806878 I didn't even send the codes out yet...

| Houseflipper and Wingspan are great games, but I already have them on the Nintendo Switch. Unsure about the other games, though.

| I heard a lot of good about Turnip Boy, but never got around to playing it.
I claimed it now. Thank you for this donation.

| I got Wingspan so I can soar like an eagle and fight like a crow! Ka Kaw!!

| The code for WRATH won't work by the way. Says it's invalid.

| Give code for switch games. Thanks.


| >>806903 Whoops sorry, should be WRATH: Aeon of Ruin: 9B943-9WTQE-K2T5I

| >>806916
I want it~

But I already took the bird board game so maybe I'll wait a bit and give someone else a chance.

| I took House Flipper, thank you ^^

| >>806880 he is a time traveller, you silly

| Someone already nabbed Mobius Front and didn't leave a message. Same with WRATH too...

| Since someone ninja'd both things I wanted from OP's bundle, I'm gonna drop a bundle myself. Don't question my logic, it's perfectly sound.

Hotshot Racing - 4BY2R-N3BG6-F39KI

Still Not Dead - GWLIJ-R07ID-YPCGM

Just Cause 2 - 0WCDN-ERBAR-IL5CI

Call of Juarez - MWHDE-8ZFWF-YL6K8

Trine Enchanted Edition - 9J708-4B9VT-WGKJJ

Fearless Fantasy - NRY2D-DJPXP-48MAV

Verlet Swing - JGEMZ-J5DJA-3RLZC

911 Operator - 7WJFR-0V2VN-885KE

| But wait! There's more:

PixelJunkâ„¢ Monsters Ultimate + Shooter Bundle - L2C8Q-44GZZ-WX7DD

Haimrik - PKR86-V2RQK-7VN0Q

Elven Legacy - TARBN-3BH9L-A8FRC

| >>91516a >>e7dbb0 you both are really humble, thank you
I'm not picking any keys don't worry, but to the one who takes Just Cause 2, remember there is a Multiplayer mod on Steam, it is really fun!

| Not gonna take any key, but I have fond memory of Trine. It's a fun puzzle platformer, especially co-op, and very pretty.

| >>806977
What this g/u/rl said!
I won't be taking anything, but if a g/u/rl here wants a comfy time then grab Trine and a friend!

| I'll take turnip boy in about an hour if nobody beats me to it. I recommend Due Process, it's like Rainbow 6 but actually any good.

| >>806972 Cool logic! You are awesome~!>>806946 Understandable
>>807138 Someone already took it I think?

| >>807158 yeah you were right. I didn't read very carefully before.

| I never indulge in the codes but I appreciate your generosity OP!

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