tips in Model Warrior Julianne?

| need help pls and thank u

| 1. do not suck
2. when about to suck, don't
3. perform suckn't

| Don't give a fuck about it. Achievements are worthless.

| You either practice it until you make it or until you get bored enough to quit. Good luck OP!

Setting a challenge and beating it can be fun and rewarding. You should try it sometime, NEETY McNEETY-kun

| >>805882 it's good to play when you want to beat it for the sake ifnit, not for a badge on Steam sewer

| >>805884 sound like some's salty she didn't beat the minigame

| >>805873 there's quite a few waves where you can just duck in the bottom right corner and not get hit. Remember you don't need to kill the normal enemies, just survive them.

| >>805886 I did beat it, but I despise people doing it only for achievements

| >>805895 but i get all achievements on all the games i truly love. And that includes Va11halla, NieR, Doom, and Hellblade

| >>805895
No one mentioned achievement hunting though. It must be tough walking around and getting mad over things made up in you own head. Why would you do this to yourself?

| Go to the right down corner, it's a safe space (for most of) the whole thing.

Here's a guide, and good luck g/u/rl

| >>805935
That's basically the internet in a nutshell though...

| >>805873 beat touhou 6

| >>806408
It's the nut in the internetshell

| Patience dedication and training shall make u succeed

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