VR Rhythm Games

| Visiting a friend who has a headset, and we've been playing quite a bit of the rhythm games we find. From strictly rhythm-based titles like Beat Saber, to less strict games like Pistol Whip. Got around to playing Audioshield today, to play songs in our libraries. All of them have been amazing.

| I has Beat Saber, but forgot Pistol Whip was a thing. Gonna check it out!

| Damn, I love the concept of VR rythm games, even though I'm poor and I can't afford them :(

| I'd like to grab Holodance at some point. Heard it supports Osu maps

| Got it only for beatsaber. Epic ...till u get rsi but generally speaking, dont get an Oculus going to sell mine over the Xmas shopping craze

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