Mario Party Superstars

| This game is sick! Not only is it an actually good Mario Party game which has been a while, but the online is genuinely so fun!

Like, maybe I'm weird for liking this kinda stuff, but an RNG heavy game where one good (or bad) turn can completely flip the balance of everything and the only communication is passive aggressively through stickers, like, that's so fucking fun!

I've had super wholesome games and also very toxic games, and they're both super entertaining, even if I lose.

| On top of that, it also just has some of the best minigames from throughout Mario Party's history. Then it also has solid boards with an economy that is actually interesting, and those boards allow for some pretty fun boardplay. Like, if you know what you're doing and have a bit of luck on your side you can pull off some ridiculous stuff.
Then someone hits chance time, take half the stuff you've earned, spam "sorry" and "good game" and you can't even be mad at it.
I love it!

| I got the game on release to play it with friends, however non of us has had time to get together and play and because I said "we'll try it together" I'm not opening the game until all of us are playing.

... so... to kidnap your friends easy tutorial few steps?

| >>805620
Wakey wakey
Mario Party time!

| >>805661 I just need the chloroform. I wonder if they sell it at wallmart

| >>805732
Wouldn't know. I'm not American.
Wouldn't be surprised though.

| >>805745 Americans: Wait that illegal, get this combat rifle instead

| >>806196
True though! Walmart do be selling guns.

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