Bethesda v Rockstar

| Who's more shittier for releasing the same stupid game 21312312323 times every generation?

| You are

| I thought Rockstar stopped releasing games after GTA 5.
What the fuck kind of bootleg argument is this?

| R* is worse because when they release remasters they takedown mods for the original versions like it's not even a competition

| Beth let multiple open source projects for their games continue nearly unimpeded, one is under the requirement, "don't advertise you can support Android"

| >>50f954
^Hit the nail on the head. Rockstar is worse than Bethesda, catshit is worse than dogshit, and syphilis is worse than gonorrhea. End of thread.

| People who still pay money for their game

| >>805424 This.

Bethesda at least releases a game after quality checks and they also don't take down mods, in fact, if they release a new version they will add those mods officially in some form. The only bad thing is that they only go for the popular platform of the time. Also, their engine might be shit, but is beautiful and Unreal Engine would never top its compatibility on all platforms.

| Rockstar is 10000000 times worse. They're pure garbage and the biggest example of a terrible video game company who love to milk and exploit their fanbase.

| Also unpopular opinion but I find remotely nothing fun about GTAV. It's the worse GTA I've played easily and has the worst characters in the series.

| Buy skairim?

| Rockstar is arguably the most greedy VGC alongside the likes of EA.

| >>805496 The only things I enjoy are the first person and the enviorement, plus the custom character for Online (love open worlds when you can customize the character you are playing as). Everything else is the reason I play Saints Row instead.

| What about koei Tecmo? Or at least them pc releases "^^

| From what i've been seeing on these replies and on the gaming world news, Rockstar seems worse. The fact they made a "remake" of a game and basically didn't changed anything is shitty af ngl. And some idiots still bought the GTA remake they made. That's so fucking stupid, for fucks sake

| >>806262 The only Koei Tecmo games people care about are Nioh and Dynasty Warrior and neither of which are milked as much as GTAV and Skyrim. On top of that, neither of those are as successful as these either. Sit down before making false equivalency.

| To be fair towards Rockstar. I have been playing GTA Sa on Switch and while the performance sucks (I'm used to as I have played this game on bad PCs before + Unreal Engine usually runs mediocrily on Switch) and also seeing lot of videos of supposed broken thing, I just think the Switch version is a later build and the best right now in that aspect. There are particles, not buggy meshes and no fps physic problems.

| There is also a lot of "they took this from these models" which is false, they are still in the remaster, but they also added new variations. You can see the same npc with other colors or even with or without a hat. Also applies to special characters. These remasters should be better, but they are not as bad as everyone is painting them. And the goddam Rockstar constellation is still there. This is still way beyond Mario 3D All Stars in terms of work.

| So Bethesda < Koei Tecmo (do they dissapoint their fans when they do the same all the time and no one expect more?) < Shit < Nintendo < Actual shit < EA

| Rockstar = Bethesda

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