What is the point of NFTs in games?

| At least with the nft scams in art, I understand how that system works but in games it doesn't make any sense. Is it basically the new lootbox?

| i get it as collecting virtual cards... and some kind of trading speculations with them.. but idk, i don't have any nft

| the most ive seen is like a real money auction house - which really didnt work well the last time it was tried

| Nfts are scams

| Enthusiasts I have spoken on the topic always talk about big future plans regarding the virtual space and how nft are the way for *insert Ready Player One or movies alike*

I get the point of them on the VR aspect. You can supposedly create virtual "locations" with an infrastructure based on them... but... you can also do that and *not* spend extra money and resources on a virtual economy.

It's all just a leadway to make easy money to investors right now.

| There is no point except to generate shallow interest in the game as well as easy cash.

| Do you think there will be a way to opt-out? For fucks sake I just want to play a game not manage stocks

| I guess it's an alternative way to verify ownership without relying as much on your own centralized servers that you have to pay to keep running & secure.

Could be good for keeping a game alive after it's abandoned, like how a lot of Wii games lost a portion of their functionality when Nintendo shut down Miiverse.

| How do you make an NFT out of a game anyways? What >>802347 is implying is that the code can be tokenized, bought, and stored on blockchain? I thought dogecoins were the peak of crypto weirdness.

| I don't think it's possible to do that anyways, because even if it is 'bought', there's still maintenance costs, dev or no dev.

| >>802347
I can see this being a thing when the whole internet runs on the blockchain, but I don't see that happening for another dozens of years.

| The point is the cult of cryptobros are loud enough to have convinced people outside of the "look at my ugly smoking pixel monkey" space on Twitter that forcing blockchain integration into games that have zero use for it will generate more revenue

| You buy Mario Kart, and you own Mario, no one else owns Mario, you have the right to play as him.
So you are paying so no one else plays.

| >>802349
If a well-made decentralized game gets abandoned, the maintenence costs for the network itself are still paid by miners (in the case of Ethereum) or volunteers (in the case of IPFS).

You'll stop getting patches & updates; sure, but at least your online content will still be accessible.

| >>802704 All it takes is releasing the server executables to the community, and people will do it if they went to play it. There are games out there that have been played for decades after the game was abandoned, both with big communities and tiny ones, it doesn't take anything special

| >>802839
Of course, people can run their own servers, that's what Wii homebrew enthusiasts have been doing to have Miiverse integration for years. But all the original data from before EOL is gone forever.

| NFT creators and promoters should all just fking rot in hell anyway. They're destroying the planet.

| >>803447 And making money out of scams and money laundering.

| >>803655 +100.

| To be honest, I think NFTs wouldn't have gotten this much attention if the art wasn't so god damn disgusting and repulsive

| >>803447 I'm envious because I can't get people to be this angry at Amazon for destroying the planet.

| >>804043 But, like, same day shipping tho

| These shit coin and copy paste PNG peddler only in for making quick money. Just look at their "games", it's just the quickest thing they can grab and attach NFT to.

No, they don't care about game preservation. The game they make maybe can be preserved if someone care enough to do it, but they won't.

| >>804088 Yes exactly. NFTs are just fking scams that the cryptopunks love to tout around as if it's some valuable shit.

>>804043 I hate Amazon as well, but NFTs and cryptos are my primary target of hate. Fuck them all though.

| NFT's are just digital collectibles designed around making money, with little use otherwise. Like baseball cards, but more pointless

| NFTs are a scam and nothing more. You can just these images for free by just googling. What's worse is they're a scam with a huge carbon footprint, so fuck anyone who cares about NFT and promotes them.

| So we can laugh at it and ignore em

| NFTs are fucking stupid. I can just screenshot or download one of these shits and say they're mine, and sell them for 69,000,000 worth in ethereum or whatever criptocurrency these weirdos are using rn.
Btw, there's a website called "The NFT Bay", that has every single existing NFT for free download. This only proves how stupid NFTs are.

| >>806343 You don't understand what a NFT is, do you?

| >>806423 You don't understand what 'getting some bitches' is, do you?

| >>806435 Your zoophilic tendences concern only yourself, indeed.

| i feel.like MFTs just create fake scarcity for funsies and its fukken dumb. i cannot see them panning out long term nor their purpose in video games

| Hypothetical: If NFTs in games led to games being a single purchase that could be played on any platform without the need to repurchase, is THAT something you'd support?

| >>806957 No because of the machinery and energy that goes behind that, fuckers hoard all GPU's and fossil fuels just for a monkey drooling with heart pupils link

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