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speedrunner, why?


| Velocity.

| Half an A press

| Why not? Why shouldn't we go fast?

| 'cause they gotta.

| Because it's easier than getting good at something useful

| in a petersonian sense, to elevate alternative sexual archetypes in the marketplace (fastest mario)

| >>800280 lmao

| >>800280 bahaha

It's a lot of fun to get good at games, and in speedrunning you can easily measure improvements! With a community there's opportunities for cooperation and friendly rivalry; and if you don't want to do runs you can still be involved through things like spectating, routing, and glitch hunting.

So... cause I want to see world records fall, and maybe make friends?

| Typing on danger/u/, why?

| Just don't end up like Cosmo/Narcissa, it's like a cautionary tale

| Because pushing games to their limits is super interesting, learning and improving feels rewarding and the community and stories that come from it is super entertaining and enjoyable.

| Also a fun way to spend more time with a game you like. If I really enjoy a short game I usually look into the runs for it to see if the run is interesting, so I can get a new and different kind of enjoyment out of it.




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This thread is permanently archived