Your most anticipated upcoming game(s)?

| Name them.

| SMTV and Triangle Strategy.
Oh, and Elden Ring too, I guess.
Also Eiyuden Chronicle, but that's sooo far away.
Pretty excited for Gloomwood and Stray too, no idea when those are even coming out tho.

| Elden ring uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I was looking forward to death loop but it's out now and I need to play it
Yeah that's it, it feels like there's not much coming out

| No wait slime rancher 2 that's the other one I'm waiting for

| Hollow Knight Silksong and Momodora Moonlit Farewell are the big ones I'm excited for!

| Shin megumi femboy, hoi4 dlc annnnd yup

| Darktide and Elden Ring, babeeey

| Elona

| >>799748
Oh yeah, those two. Although at this point I am convinced that Silksong is nothing more than a collective fever dream and it is too early to expect anything out of the new Momodora (although I'm still rather excited about it).

| >>799748
These two and BotW2.
Silksong looks like yet another legendary Metroidvania, and Momodora speedruns are super fun and I'm excited to see the new one!!!

| Waiting for Silksong here as well.
Also these games:
- Wizards with guns
- Stanley Parable Deluxe edition (idk when this one will appear)
- Elden Ring
- Full version of Saiko no Sutoka (yandere horror simulator)
- Solar Ash (comes out this year!)
- Stray (a cat living between friendly cyberpunk robots!

And Half Life 3.

| I need Caves of Qud and World of Horror in my Switch right now... They're both on Early Access but I can't stand playing on my PC anymore so still waiting patiently for the inevitable Switch release.

Also, as always, Hollow Knight Silksong.

Hyped for SMT V too but still not sure I want to shell out full price for it.

| - Elden Ring
- Pokémon (all of the upcoming ones)
- MH Sunbreak
- Eiyuden Chronicles
- Hogwart's Legacy

The Bloodborne remaster/sequel rumour too.

The new Square RPG (Forspoken or Forsaken I forgot) also looks really good.

| Little Devil Inside looks promising

| I'm still holding out hope for Duke Nukem Forever finally coming out. Surely it's not lost in development hell forever. Surely...

| >>799900
June 14, 2011

| >>799924

| I'm really looking forward to Victoria 3, plus the games Sukeban is working on

| I've waited for a Bloodborne PC port since it's release, and with current rumors running around, I'm super hyped.

Was also hyped for Dark souls 4... i mean, Elden Ring, but given the amount of cut content the previous From games has, I'd gladly wait for another year.

Then there's the case of Darkest Dungeon 2, which I was super hyped since the trailer was posted around 2 years ago, but after seeing some alpha gameplay, I'm not so sure about it.

| >>799927 I can't wait to fight slavery because it is cheaper to just have poor people then enslave them.

| I'm looking forward some gameplay from the GTA Trilogy remaster, I want to know if it is worth the upgrade

Other than that... new Zelda game, either remaster, remake or new one, not interested in Botw2 at all. OOT Switch still hurts so much, both under a yearly paywall and because the game is inscridibly bad emulated.

Oh and Sonic 2022, hoping it really is an Open World game

| >>799925
That's the date Duke Nukem Forever released

| >>799900 >>799976
Yeah, it's kinda been out for a while. Like, 10 years.

| In a few years I'll hopefully get to play The Wayward Realms. Imagine a modern take on The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall.

Before that I'll have to enjoy myself with the System Shock remake, the untitled Alan Wake game and Warhammer: Darktide.

I also recommend everyone to check out Peripeteia because the demo was so good. It's a polish immersive sim FPS hybrid with RPG and stealth mechanics.

| Ai the Somnium files 2
Coffee talk 2
And N1rvana of course

| >>799977
the *fuck*.
I know what I'm doing this evening.

| Probably nothing now tbh

| >>800137

| >>799978
>Peripeteia is an upcoming first-and-third-person game set in an alternate history cyberpunk Poland, where you play a young cybernetic supersoldier named Marie. It mixes shooter, stealth, parkour and RPG mechanics and is heavily inspired by immersive sims made by Ion Storm and Looking Glass Studios.

Holy shit, this sounds dope af. Gonna give the demo a try. Thanks for sharing!

| >>799970 OoT even with good emulation has just aged really badly. It was an innovative game for its time, but in 2021 it doesn't have anything good to offer. Most people only like it for the nostalgia factor.

| >>800319
Hard disagree, played it recently without any nostalgia and it's honestly an okay game, still pretty fun to play.

| >>800319 Even with nostalgia (one of my fave games growing up), it has aged badly. I used to love it as a kid but it's aged really badly now. Majora Mask has aged way better, that game was ahead of its time. Much better than Occarina.

| >>800827
>Majora Mask has aged way better, that game was ahead of its time. Much better than Occarina
Okay now that's just low-tier bait.

| >>800836
Wait, how is that bait? I fully agree with >>800827, and I honestly thought this was universally agreed upon. Have you played both of those recently? While they're similarly flawed in controls, the whole gameplay part and concepts and just everything holds up way better in Majora's Mask.

| Oh. Fucked up the formatting. Sorry.

| >>800836 That's a fact, not a bait. Majora Mask has aged way better than OOT. Play it now and you'll see what I mean.

| Pokemon shining Pearl and slime rancher 2.

| Dark Souls 4: Breath of the Wild Edition.

... I mean Elden Ring

| >>802308

| >>801277
If you can't even explain it with your own words it's probably not true.

| All eroges that are in the process of being translated to english.

| >>802356
Actual semen demon post.

| >>802308 You do realise there were open world games before Botw right? The whole "breathe of the wild edition" thing is just lame. If you wanna call all open world games after one game, use the original game or at least a good one rather than one of the worst "open world" game of recent years. Let's face it, botw's world was devoid of any content of substance and no, repetitive shrine and 900 korok seeds aren't "content".

| >>802389
Shrines were completely fine though. And not too repetitive, usually they required different approaches and use of different tools, I liked most of the shrine puzzles.
The world itself was a little barren, sure, but there was still enough to keep me motivated to explore, with all the settlements, NPCs, side quests and even just places to visit and sights to see.
Fuck all 900 korok seeds though, couldn't be assed to turn over every rock for them.

| >>802392 the side quests in botw were super half arsed except for a few ones and the shrine quests. Majority of them were fetch quests.
Agreed that some shrines were great. But many were basically enter, walk up to the statue and done. Disgusting.
Agreed about Korok seeds. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be fired on the spot.

| >>802392 >>802508
I think the funniest thing for me when I see people debating whether or not BotW is good is that Korok shit. You're not supposed to collect all of them. The reason why there's so many is so every player is guaranteed to stumble across some no matter where they go.
A number existing doesn't mean "go get all the number", you know? Nothing in the game tells you to collect all, because you're not supposed to.
You being neurotic doesn't mean the game is badly designed.

| BOTW 2 - I sunk hundreds of hours into BOTW 1, the world was so fantastic & atmospheric, so I'm really excited for BOTW 2.

Silksong - Obviously.

N1RVANNA - Obviously.

2b2t Update to 1.17.1 - Not a game per say, but I really want 2b2t to update to Minecraft version 1.17.1 because of all the farms & new blocks. (I also really want Spruce trapdoors :/)

| >>802519 You could say that, the fact that Botw is a Zelda game and also a Nintendo game, is what tells you to collect them all.

Every Zelda game have many different things to collect, but they never are mandatory, and aren't rewarding, Koroks aren't the only ones which last rewards is useless. 100th Golden Skulltulas from OOT gave you just rupiees. Literally 50 Skulltulas are useless.

At least the Minish Cap figurines rewarded a piece of heart. And a mental breakdown.

| >>802711
>the fact that Botw is a Zelda game and also a Nintendo game, is what tells you to collect them all.
No, it doesn't??

And 50 Golden Skulltulas also rewarded you with a piece of heart. 100 gave you infinite rupiees. I'm not sure how any of that is related at all though.

| G/u/rls on this board arguing about the merits of Breath of the Wold? Wow I'm getting deja vu

| >>802754 Deja vu indeed.
Can we not talk about BoTW for only five minutes?

| >>802720 Oh yeah, sure, infinite rupies is so worth when you literally have to complete the whole game to reach all the 100 skulltulas.
On a game where literally every corner gives you great amount of rupiees.
On a game that already has no uses for rupiees (less than 500, 900 if you skip tunic dialogues).
Clearly as useful as expanding your inventory slots.
What I meant by 50 is the second half of the skulltulas. Once you have the first half, the second half is useless.

| >>802720 Metroid has upgrades, tanks missiles... Donkey Kong, Kirby and Mario have coins/tokens, secret levels... Smash is literally a collection game... Zelda has items, upgrades, masks, rings, souls, bugs, charts... Animal Crossing's catalog, even Mario Kart.

No Nintendo game is saying "ey, you have to collect this" but it's literally counting them as stats as "you may collect them" and that's why mostly they count for 100% completion. They are tracked and you may if you want to

| It's rare the Nintendo game that doesn't actually have any form of collectable, not even sports games or Mario Party (except the later ones for both cases). They are just not mandatory for playing the game, but they are there. Specially if these collectables are limited (imagine someone wanting 999 of every botw material), is when people may want to challenge and complete it, just a reason to play a game longer than expected but intended by devs (or else it wouldn't be there)

| >>802772
And you clearly don't want to, so don't, and stfu. Nobody cares about your critique of every single Nintendo games 100% completionist runs. Nintendo devs even openly say that they don't make games for completionists and that they think collecting every single thing in their big games like BotW is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of why it's there.

Nobody is wanting you to do it. 100% completion is not what you base ratings on. You don't enjoy it.
So don't, and stfu.

| Video games aren't created based on one single persons personal preferences, and just because it's possible to do something in a game does not mean it's intended or encouraged.
If you don't know shit about game design, don't speak on it. If you don't enjoy doing something, then don't do it. If you your enjoyment of a video game is based on playtime, rethink how you spend your time.

| >>802776 by that rule, playing the game isn't also required. You just have to shut up and buy the games, abandon them on a shelve or on your virtual account.

Do yourself a favor and don't talk ever again, you come here out of nowhere trying to be superior to other people's ways of enjoying and pretending Nintendo's word is superior.
No body cares about you, leave the Internet or learn to respect others. And stop sucking corporates's ass

| >>802777 videogames's target is to reach as many people as possible with different likes, and unite as many as possible with their experiences. There are things they can do, and things they CAN'T do, both are usual thoughs during videogame designing.

you are here just like me wasting our time talking about videogames instead of doing something productive. If you consider videogames a waste of times, you should rethink why are you even here. You are wasting time talking shit.

| >>802778 >>802779
Lol. Get a life homie. I call your way of judging games dumb and you retaliate with baseless personal insults.
Acting like I'm superior? I never did. I pointed out the flaws in what you said while you're saying games should be created based on your personal preferences.
Sucking corporate's ass? No. I research games before buying, and don't play stuff I don't enjoy. You're the one who seems to play every single thing they put out whether it's to you like it or not.

| Stop talking like you know how Devs think. You've very clearly never even spoken to one. You're just a regular consumer. Don't take you feeling like you wasted your money out on others.

But, like, if you need someone to talk to, if you're having a rough day, then just say that and we'll get in contact outside of this board. Unironically.
I know I talk shit, but if this is genuinely making you this distressed I'll stop playing it up like this, and we can actually talk somewhere.

| And that's not meant as something demeaning or anything. Like, I was just responding to this and felt bad that you might be taking this, like, personally or something. Not playfully. Which, like, that's not my intention when talking shit like that. Like, I stand by my opinions, but I'm exaggerating by emotions around it a lot because I think it's funny. But if it's genuinely upsetting you, I'll drop it, and I'll offer you some direct communication.

| Garbage thread thanks to Nintendies

| >>799744 >>799774 >>799832 >>799933 >>802308
>obligatory Elden Ring
miffed I didn't get into the network test.

| >>802783 you are acting superior, the begin with, I never said I play this way yet you still call it a dumb way I play. Calling something dumb is precisely that.
You started pointing out the collection thing, then I defended how it is just a way of playing yet you still understand shit about people's likes and gaming, like your way of playing is the only way of playing, everyone else is way of playing is dumb.

| Sucking corporates ass comes on the "Nintendo pretends you to not collect" talking about the same company who today is releasing a fucking clock for collectors. They pretend to sell. Nothing else. They will keep lying and hiding so much information, but it works. Again you can play how you want and you should accept someone who pays 100$ on a waifu as someone who wants to spend hundred of hours hunting something and those who jump from game to game without barely touching them.

| If I purchase games, it is because I'm going to play and enjoy them, I'm very very critic about videogames, research them a lot and its probably the reason why I keep playing old games instead of new ones, If the game is a shitty port or remaster from one of my favourites games, as shit at it is, I won't buy it.

| >>802784 Guess what, I have, many times, in fact I am one myself, but being a dev means shit in the industry, there are just so many types of devs, some want money, some want recognitizion, some want fame, some want their art to expand and so on. You can see those values in their videogames, some devs will pay extra attention to every single detail, as each detail can attract different players. Others will do the bare minimun. Anyways they are getting money from that.

| If a dev is adding content to a game, it's usually not just for random laughs (except if intended, which the game will tell), what you call dumb, might be a feature, someone has been working on for months, pay some respect even if you don't like it, don't just call target players or dev dumb because you don't think like the target of a feature and the feature. These devs may know not many people will appreciate it, but they know someone will, else it wouldn't even be in the game.

| >>e17823

| Bruh moment indeed.

| You cant argue with undiagnosed ocd + ○□●♡ + language barrier.

Also I'm looking forward to playing some random country I've never heard of in Victoria 3.

| >>803120
Can't wait for them to both simplify and overcomplicate the pop system all over again!!
I fucking SWEAR to GOD if they bring back splitting like one of their dev diaries indicates wwwwwwwwwwww

| >>e17823
Crying and throwing up

The Victoria games look pretty cool. I've always been too intimidated by then to try them though.
Are they difficult to get into?

| >>597608 used to be very difficult, but since EU4 they've made a great effort to make things easier.

The audience isn't just basement dwelling wargamers now so the tutorials are actually good.

| >>803255
Ooh! I might give it a shot some day then. I tried to get into Hearts of Iron once (I imagine they're maybe not super similar, but same type of games) and I just couldn't. Was way too overwhelming for me.
But if this one is super good at teaching and stuff I might.

| >>803258
>hearts of iron
you're gonna have to pick one, bud. assuming you mean hoi4
hoi4, imo, is a lot easier to play than eu4. just hard to master. get a few pals and play a few games, trust me. I turned from a complete, hapless noob to a halfway competent player in a few sessions.

| I;m shocked no one mentioned Hogwart's Legacy. For me, HL is the most anticipated upcoming game. I hope thye allow us to explore the whole HP universe in it. Also hope there's a proper multiplayer too!!

This hasn't been announced, but it was leaked in the Capcom ransomware attack last year. But Dragon's Dogma 2.

Dragon's Dogma 1 is one of the most satisfying action/open world RPG ever, so I just fucking want the sequel already!

| >>803490
Well, I wouldn't know, which is why I asked. If it's harder that HoI I'm probably not gonna get it then. But, thanks for the info!

| >>803512 Oh you reminded me that I'm waiting for Hogwarts Legacy as well!!

| Selaco!

| Lies of P looks incredible. Like a spiritual successor to Bloodborne but with more diversity in builds.

| Haunted Chocolatier looks very comfy. I want some pet ghosts!

| N1rvanna

| >>803512 I think it's gonna be good or at least average, because I WB games. The only problem is they are a bunch or sissies with their pr campaign: they say the game now has nothing to do with J.K. herself (recent controversies and such).

Hope this doesn't affect the game.

| >>805684
I mean, if that means she ain't getting any of the profits then I fuck with it. She hasn't really had anything to do with that franchise since book 7, and imo that's for the best.

| >>805684 There's almost no backlash against Hogwart's Legacy though. The announcement generated no backlash and the recent HP reunion has also not generated backlash. Everyone already knows JK has nothing to do with the series nowadays.

| Endwalker

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