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Game that you can't stop referencing

| ElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElonaElona

| You're pretty good

| Mediocrity.

| Kinda sus

| Elona plus custom gx though

| Okay, so, since some of you seem to mention Elona all the fucking time, I just gotta ask. Is there something more to it than just memeing it to death? I like roguelikes a lot (mostly DCSS and Slash'EM, but also newer stuff like Tangledeep or ToME4), but Elona never really "clicked" with me. Sell me on the game in the best way possible, please.

| The game is just really complete on many aspects. The real bad point about elona is that there should be similar modern games, but there aren't.

| >>795003 I'm already a demon, Kaz

| >>795096 hehehehe don't you get it g/u/rl!? Elona! Elona!!!! hahahaahahaah

| All I know about Elona is that Danger/u/ is the only place where I hear anything about it. Probably the same anon all the time.
But all that noise is making me care less for it, just like Hollow Knight and Cuphead when they got overpopularized.

| >>795515
I feel ya bro. I used to love pizza but then it got too popular so I stopped eating it. I sure showed them!!

| >>688fdc We've managed to avoid drowning.

| What's elonga?

| >>795096

Okay here goes.


Play Caves of QudAW FUCK

| >>795629 Caves of What?

| >>795528 BULLSEYE

| >>795629
Just play with your CoQ, it's not that hard.

| Elona is shit. Garbage game.

| >>796508 Just like your bait.

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