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Favorite video game?

| I have nothing to play, so...

| We need another thread

| Va-11 Hall-A

| >>793353 Based

| Katana Zero's a fun one

| >>793388 I secone this.
Katan Zero is amazing!

Also, if you care about fighting ganes, Skullgirls is pretty fun too

| Bravely default

| Elona

| Vintage story

| That's a difficult question.
If I ask my feels, they'd say Everhood.
If I ask my heart, it'd say Outer Wilds.
If I ask my hands, they would say Skyrim.

Because I've played too much Skyrim.

| >>793447 skyrim sex mod

| >>793520 ehh I'm not much into horny stuff, I never installed sex mods or things like that, I just installed Bodyslide to have thicc women but just that.

| >>793535 based

| Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

| Phoenotopia awakening its one of the only modern indie games thats inspired by zelda 2

| Okami

| Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen.

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This thread is permanently archived