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Any good 'mobile' game?

| Is there even such thing?

| Do you mean original games made for mobile or its allowed to mention console games that had been ported to mobile?

| If the port is done well, I guess it counts. V0

| Well you really cant go wrong with the GTA ports on mobile and Max Payne, if you have an Apple device you could get Apple Arcade as well and play some exclusives games they have there, i think not too long ago they released a new (if im not mistaken) Castlevania game, they also have a new RPG from the Final Fantasy creator and they have a cool game called World's End Club, i played the Switch version and liked it a lot

| But if mobile games are not your thing you can always get Gamepass or Stadia Pro and play console games on your phone (as long your internet is good enough)

| >>793120
I'm super skeptical about game streaming services but I have to admit, GForce Now has not disappointed me and now I'm wondering about Stadia.
I need to check out World's End Club. I saw it once but I thought it was just another gaccha from the gacchapolyse that's happening on the app store (not that gacchas are bad, some are alright... but everything is one...)

| Fuckinnng Stardew Valley I guess. Night of the Full Moon. Underhand. Danmaku Death, if you can find it. Battleheart. Cytoid. Soul Knight? Lichess, a good old-fashioned classic game on a platform that actually cares about it's users?

| I haven't played the mobile version of Slay The Spire but assuming they managed to not fuck up the port, there's that. Also Sky: Children Of The Light if that's your vibe. Skullgirls Mobile is unfortunately gacha-based, but it's not a *huge* deal and it's a fun time waster

| Personally I also enjoy A Girl Adrift and Masters Of Madness, but those probably don't satisfy the standard of "game" we're talking abt here

| Old-school RuneScape and RuneScape both have mobile clients now if you want an MMORPG

| Boggles my mind that people still think mobile games are bad somehow just because of its medium. I guess I gotta blame the app stores' front page for being littered with ads.

Rhythm games absolutely thrive on mobile (Cytus, Lanota, Arcaea, Groove Coaster, Tone Sphere, just to name a few).

80 Days, Monument Valley, Mini Metro, Does Not Commute, Plague Inc., Layton Brothers, Neko Atsume, Devolver Digital's catalog, Nitrome's catalog, Spry Fox's catalog.

| Elona

| muse dash is another great rhythm game on the mobile,a few of the great ones i remember are the infinity blade series,
soul knight,and skullgirls mobile
havent had much experience with other games

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I'm so used to PC skullgirls that I always forget there is a mobile game

| Retroarch is always a really good choice.

I remember one of the girls here also recommended Punishing: Grey Raven. I've actually been having a lot of fun with that one. Sure it's gatcha; but so far it doesn't have the same leverage on me since it's stupid easy to get every single character. (Main hurdle is just certain costumes for them)

| I've mentioned it in every recent thread like this, but it's good, so: GIFT

Reigns is a classic. Reigns: Her Majesty is Reigns but better.

OnionHotel is a lot of fun and very, very unique. Definitely a bit of a hidden gem. Be careful if you're prone to tendonitis though.

| Phantomrose. deckbuilding cardgame

| Plenty of good games on mobile. They're just premium.

- Detention, horror game. Epic ambiance.
- Cytus, rhythm game. Absolutely fantastic. Great score.
- Reigns, strategy game, one of the best on mobile phones.
- Ace Attorney series, adventure games. Rally great.
- Ports of handheld/console games in general are really good.

Ignore the free games, they're 99% garbage and rigged with IAPs.

| Wayward souls is a really great rogue like dungeon crawling game. If your on apple phones it costs quite a bit upfront but on android its free and its easily worth the price on apple

| The bullet hell Monday series, while filled with minor microtransactions, can be enjoyed completely. The first one is very simple but it's endless mode is one of the best things that pulled me in. The second one, bullet hell Monday black, is definitely my least favorite, instead opting for paid chapters, it's definitely the most mechanically advanced one, with its main focus being on getting the best scores on story missions so you can easily learn stages if you need to. (1/2)

| And finally Bullet hell Monday finale, it's a perfect mix of gameplay of the first and second one, bringing back endless mode in its prime glory, and having the abilities from black, the story can be enjoyed without paying for chapters, its only flaw would have to be that you can pretty much only get two ship types since grinding can get a bit stale. But the challenges the story brings combined with endless makes it the best game in the series. (2/2)

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