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Smash Bros Ultimate DLC's LAST character prediction

| The time is coming.

Any predictions?
Any personal wish?
Or thoughs?

| I love being smashed.

| You're still playing those dumb children games? I bet you're also alone at a friday night, pfft.

| Geno for smash... Please...

| >Geno
>For Smash
Yah, right. Like that's ever gonna happen

| >>791757 I've lost all hope, but a man can dream...

| I've seen a bunch of people talk about touhou for smash but tbh that sounds like a terrible idea. I don't want a bunch of 6th graders screaming about it

| >>791787 to be fair, that bunch of graders, would be the only ones in the world screaming. Lately it seems no one cares about Touhou anymore. We haven't had a /v/ Touhou post in more than a year.
But don't worry, the same was said to happen if Minecraft ever got to Smash, and at the end the reactions weren't that bad.

| Covid-19

| I still think it might be the SMT V protagonist. The Nahohino.

| Dorothy Haze

| Peter Griffin

| joycon drift joycon

| >>791787
I'm pretty sure the only people who are into Touhou now are, like, older people. It's not really getting new fans and the current fans are aging.

Also, it's Waluigi, you guys

| >>791809 I'm a reltively new fan of touhou! But man, is really difficult playing normal without using continues, and I can say I'm a pro gamer lmao

| >>791810 I'm playing touhou6 btw

| >>791811 My first time being in gensokyo!

| My realistic guess is Sora.
My unrealistic guess is Reimu.
My meme guess is another fire emblem character cuz why wouldn't it?

| Hakurei armpits

| Definitely gonna be Goku. You'll see.

| Sora is not a realistic guess.

| Jill

| Congrats, Kingdom Hearts fans

| >>791903 but he is already in the game, they call him Hero

| I wasn't surprised about Sora getting in, it was either him, Doom Slayer or Master Chief. What surprises me is that he is in for the Smash Ballot results.
Maybe if he wasn't on top of the list he would have been released sooner, but they wanted to make sure to finish Smash Ultimate in a positive way for the most people.
But 7 years... KH3 happened and many KH fans stopped being fans...
Hope they don't take that long next time.

| Whatever, so when are you expecting Smash 6 to happen? If it doesn't get a Deluxe treatment for the next Nintendo console, it probably will be announced by 2025.

| It's gonna be daffy duck and he comes with his signature move penuth car

| Also he'll be wearing Sora skinsuit

| >>791930
Excuse me, could you repeat that one more time?

| >>792010 I thlammed my penith in the car door

| >>791956
Pretty sure it's less because they're "saving the best for last" and more because getting Sora in would (did?) involve a legal nightmare with Disney. I'm still surprised he got in at all.

| >>792020 you thlammed your penith in the car door

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