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What emulators are there for Android?

| I remember playing on MyBoy. What other console emulators are worth checking out?

| Like thousands

It depends on your mobile.
Retroarch has two versions, regular and 64-bits, whether you will play more advanced consoles like PS2.
Dolphin for Gamecube and Wii games, if a game doesn't run well go to "Dolphin MMJR" instead, increases the performance a lot.
Citra for 3ds games, it' interface options sucks compared to Drastic, but performes really well. These all are free, Citra offers some premium upgrade but it's nothing too crazy, just dark mode.

| Drastic is best for DS.

Citra for 3DS.

Dolphin for Gamecube (runs like shit though).

| ppsspp for psp of course, if you still playing psp games lol.

| >>791936 that's basically on your phone's specs. A Snapdragon 855 can takle basically any gamecube game. And snapdragon 600+ can run Sonic Heroes and Wind Waker just as smooth as a Wii. And again, try the modified Dolphin apps instead if you find lag, as they do a really good job optimizing the emulation with no compromises.
They need to add controller profiles on Dolphin.

| I have a Samsung A22 (i dont know the specs sorry) and i've been using Lemuroid to emulate from GB games up to PSP games without much problems, i even beat Yakuza Black Panther and the game was almost 90% smooth, then i tried to play Silent Hill Origens but frames started to drop and it was unplayable, i would reccomend the app if you want to play 8, 16, psx games and psp that are not very demanding.

| >>792279 I have SD 865 and Gamecube games still run like shit.

| There is john gbac for gameboy color and gameboy advance games as well as john ness for nes and snes games both are great from my experience

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