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How does the NDS Lite compare to NDSi?

| I've got the lite and I hate it. It's small, and my fingers hurt from the awful dpad and tiny buttons. Is it also the case on NDSi?

| NDSi is also quite smol (even thinner that NDSLite), so are the buttons. While the dpad is far from awful, it's still small and rather rigid. While I do prefer to use the DSi, Lite is objectively better because of the GBA slot.

| Op why getting a nds in 2021

| If you go for a DSi, go for a DSi XL. The size of the dpad and buttons is the same size, they are tecnically better distributed thanks to the XL's size. That distribution means a lot.

And you can homebrew a DSi, no need of a flashcart, just an SD (which every DSi should come with).

Oh and a DSi has less chances to break a button than a DS lite, which L and R sucks.

| >>791652
Not them but why not? It's a solid handheld with an amazing library.

| >>9e111d you're right but the screen is terrible plus there is emulator on android with range of options

| >>791677 Sure, you can emulate it, but certain DS games have emulation issues. And, playing games with touchscreen buttons is irritating enough for some people that they just don't bother (I only play turn-based games on my phone because I can't even play a platformer without physical buttons).

| >>791677 Some games are better played on a DS, specially those that play with both screens as 1 display, there is no right way to play Sonic Rush widescreen on an emulator.>>791680 also this, but you can also use a controller which in many cases are better.
the touchscreen is where everything goes -----, as DS's way to handle touches is not the same as on a phone and you might get confused as to how tiny the "touch hitbox" is.

DS games with native resolution look gorgeous though

| Oh and lastly. Multiplayer.

| How does PSP's controls compare to DS?

| >>791707 you can play shooters on a DS. You want to kill yourself on a PSP shooter unless it has auto-aim. PS Vita may do the trick, but may feel like emulating WASD with a mouse. Or unnoficial patches that improve the controls for dual joysticks.
For anything else, DS's d-pad feels better than the PSP but PSP has a joystick. Both are great but some games are better played on one console than the other (GTA Chinatown Wars has way better controls on DS)

| >>791714 I do not care about shooters. I'll mainly emulate shit from NES up to GBA.

| >>791707 PSP has the worst controller ever among handhelds. It's cancerous to play 3D games where you have to manually control cameras on it due to lack of a touchscreen or a right analog.

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Ah yes. Pretty sure my left hand is now permanently fucked from the claw grip. Still, good times have been had though.

| Ah, PSP... Monster Hunter hits different when even your controller is antagonistic towards you

| >>792119 Playing MH on PSP is a complete hand killer. God, it's truly cancerous. IDK wtf were they even thinking making that game for PSP.

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