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obscure games

| what are some obscure fucked up games, preferably psychological, horror, or psychological horror. any genre is fine as long as it gives a feeling of dread and doesn't hold anything back.

| Super Mario 64

| Among us

| Rule of Rose comes to mind, very heavy on the psychological stuff and has some pretty fucked up parts.

| for pc

| Elona

| Black soul

| Sanitarium was pretty good

| >>790173 once I played a Super Mario 64 map in pavlov vr, that shit was actually horror. at human scale it's super empty feeling and it had instead of the normal enemies some horribly animated free asset zombies

| Kuon, a hidden gem on PS2. Surprisingly it's actually a game developed by FromSoftware, the makers of Soulsborne series.

| Neo Scavenger

| Does Harvester count as an obscure game? Every time I mention it to my friends they just go "oh no."
But then my friends are nerds.

| The Dementium games on DS were great

>>790415 I would count it, it's one of those really weird terror Steam is full of (years ahead of its time)... Even if it's not scary, the intention to be horror is totally there. But you could also say that about Doom...

| >>790445 Speaking of DS, I really enjoyed Nanashi no Game. The sequel though, not so much.

| Do we count dwarf fortress or is that popular now

| Is Klonoa PS1 obscure?

| Yume Nikki

| Does Obscure 1 and 2 count?

| >>790583
Oh damn, I haven't played Dwarf Fortress in forever. Danger/v/ DF succession fort when?

| >>790609
Now. I'll start a worldgen -- you want anything special on the site?

| Doki Doki LC.

Jokes aside, how about Silent Hill Shattered Memories? It's different from other SH games and it's really good.

Kuon is another game I'd recommend if you want a surreal, dreamy yet bizarre and eerie ambiance.

Ignore recommendations like Dwarf Fortress because they're not horror or psychological games and are far from being obscure.

It's really short, and basically a walking sim, but it gave me such a strange and, like, uncomfortable feeling. It's super eerie.
It's also pretty obscure. It's on both Itch.io and mobile, but it has, like, 500 downloads or something. Never seen anyone talk about it, but I can't get that game out of my head.

| >>790823 I'll check it out, it seems promising

| >>790867
Oh, cool! Hope you enjoy. I really would like for this game to get more attention so I can talk about it without sounding crazy.

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