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| And it's 3D too. Seriously did not see it coming.

| >>789860 I somehow did and many people were starting to think that too, it was already time for a 3D Kirby. Kind of a same is not Open-Worldly, looks more like Mario 3D World. Which sounds good if it has multiplayer.

| I wanted it to exist, and now I want to have it

| I was hoping for more 2D Kirby, but this is fine, this is good, I miss Kirby

| Looks like a generic 3d platformer tbh I'd rather play Mario Odyssey again.

| >>789861
Please stop implying that open world is inherently good. Kirby was the last series that needed to be open world.

| Kids, could you lighten up? Kirby's had over a dozen 2D-Platforming games (and if I remember correctly, two of them were also technically open-world: Great Cave Offensive and Amazing Mirror). Let the marshmallow stretch his limbs a bit and experiment. Try to save the pessimism for after you play it.

| I don't see this game being different than most other platformers out there. So it's a skip for me for now. The gameplay that was shown wasn't that exciting either. Nintendo needs to innovate their platformer games fr. If Sony can do it with Rift Apart, Nintendo can too.

| >>789949How does Rift Apart innovates from what? Haven't played it but for what I have seen it just look like another Ratchet & Clank with beautiful effects. It could totally be released 15 years and be the same (except for the engine things, that don't have much to do with gameplay)
And It's Kirby, usually these games aren't done by generic Nintendo studio, is a whole studio dedicated to Kirby that do their own thing. Kirby was never about innovating platform games.

| >>789991 wops sorry I messed up the message

| Can't wait to finally suck things in 3D

| In my humble opinion, Nintendo needs to innovate more in general, everything.
What is Nintendo going to do for the next 100 years??
Super Mario 420 Deluxe Premium Duper Galaxy Ninja Ultra Godly Edition featuring Knuckles from the devil may cry series??
Kirby and the amazing ligma?
Pokemon Earth-hoastar-joemama where you can only play 15 pokemon that all of them share the same cheap-ass animations????

C'mon Nintendo. You gotta step it up your games.

| I personally will not mind if Kirby/Mario/Pokemon/Smash Bros remains largely the same for the next century. It's nice to have something you know you can always rely on. Plenty of other innovative developers out there.

And Nintendo has been innovating. Splatoon is a relatively new series. Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are both departure from what the series usually do.

| >>789991 Then you need to play it. There's a lot of innovation there. Trust me. The gameplay feels like a whole new generation. The weapons are just a lot of creative bunch and to make it better, it works amazingly well with the Dualsense adaptive triggers. You cannot get the experience by just viewing the videos. I was like you before playing it (never liked R&C tbh) but I was blown away by it.

| >>790040 I think BotW's physics is one of the best thing Nintendo has done in this decade. Nintendo innovates a lot with Zelda series as a whole (I mean look at OoT or MM, those were ahead of their time). They've stagnated with some of their other series on the other hand. I mean look at Metroid. It's relatively unchanged and feels stagnant af now (I'm talking about the 3DS Metroid game btw.

| It looks so fucking good! While I love 2d platformers I never felt like the Kirby mechanics were that fun in side scrolling. But Kirby in 3d looks actually fire.

| The game looks terrible graphic wise. Just look up some comparison and the gane has hideous graphics. Can't say anything about the gameplay yet (although I doubt it's any original) but the graphics is definitely low grade in the trailer.

| >>790283
I was gonna make fun of you because lol it's Kirby, who's gonna expect realistic graphic from Kirby, but honestly?? Something does feel kinda empty about the art direction. I'm not sure what it is about it, it just feels less whimsical that the older games, maybe?

Would reserve judgment until the final game is out though. Maybe it's just the scenes they chose for the trailer that's unfortunate.

| This is open world? It looked pretty on rails to me, just in 3D.

| The trailer looks like Kirby thrown into some Sonic environment.

| >>790306 it's a post apocalyptic setting, of course you can't make a liveless world adding life to it. It's a distance place from what Kirby is used to so you can't expect the same clean decoration Kirby usually have, it wouldn't be a ruined setting otherwise.
>>790283 The team behind Kirby games is usually small, still looks better than anything Pokemon can achieve.
Also if you remove Kirby from the trailer, it looks like something from Splatoon 3.

| >>790306 >>790405 it's not about how realistic the graphics is though. I mean look at Nino Kuni, a game with anime style graphics and it looks so pretty and it's much older than this. Whereas Kirby just looks very badly made. Also disagree, Pokemon SnS (which itself is mediocre) looks wayyy better than Kirby did. But yes this is prolly gonna be improved by the final game. Just saw nothing to be impressed over in the trailer.

| Y'all know it's a mindless "wow fun colour pink ball" kid's game, right? Y'all are talking like you were film critics and this was an Oscar nomination or some. Why are y'all taking it so seriously?

| >>790413 kirby

| >>790405
But it doesn't look liveless either... It's just this weirdly empty but very shiny green backdrop, like they want to keep the tone of the old games but not what made that tone work.

Again, it might just be the scenes they chose for the trailer. I've no doubt it'll look more appealing on release.

Because even fun pink ball game has a lot of care put into its development, and that's always worth looking into. Also, we're bored.

| >>790430
>Also, we're bored.
Aight. I kinda get it then.

| >>790413 Having a pink ball of marshmallow as a protag is not an excuse for developing a game lazily. There are Indie game developers doing far better with much smaller budget and more weird protagonists. Stop shilling. This is why Nintendo doesn't even try anymore with their games.

| >>790031 they make new franchise and they sometimes work (splatoon) and other times they don't (ninjala). But good ol' mario, Zelda, kirby, etc never fails

| >>790450
You literally haven't played it lol. Get a life. If you don't like, don't buy.

| >>790480 jump off that Nintendo dick pls. It doesn't suit you. Imagine being such a corporation shill that you cannot even handle criticism against the aforementioned corporation.

| >>790487 you are aware that nintendo doesnt make kirby games and it bellongs to hall laboratory right?

Nintendo just publishes them in their console, like pokemon who belongs to creatures inc, and smash that also belongs hall laboratory but is made by sora company because sakurai used to work with hall.

| Also "doesnt even try with their games" isnt criticism, its just a false statement driven by ignorance and probably bias.

Look at the line up nintendo has(of games they are actually making) and how good they looking to be, and no prime 4 is not being made by nintendo.

Like this is what gets me, people dont know when to or how to criticize nintendo games, the criticism to their survices and polices is spot on but on their games its usually mindless hate or blaming d wrong company

| >>790487
I don't care about the company. I just find it hilarious and sad how grown ass people cry over the pink blob not having 4k graphics and stacked environments. Like, what?

| >>790503 to add on, Iwata was also the president of HAL until he joined Nintendo.

HAL has never done over the top videogames, they work as a small team prioritizing the game's quality for the public they have They won't go further as there is no need. it's like asking Team Cherry to make The Last Of Us 3, they have no experience and they know they won't succeed, so why go further if you don't need to?

| >>790509 true and they arent like game freak where they basically are a small team that handles of the games of the biggest franchise in the market, kirby is a game for smal but loyal fan base and the fans(including me) have been asking for a 3d game for a long time, the game isnt even finished and we dont have a release month yet, they can still improve the visuals and honestly, its not even looking bad, Im surprised that its getting hate

| Not a kirby fan, but isn't it designed as a "friendly for everyone" game? Why are gurls asking/expecting innovations from it? That's like game jurnos asking for easy mode/ hand holding stuff from software game.

| *from fromsoftware game

| >>790561
Being "for everyone" doesn't mean you have to be aggressively the same game every time. Also, the modern "Kirby formula" was already pretty much perfected with Robobot, it's part of why Star Allies, despite its fanservice, was underwhelming.

| >>790520a Kirby fan here and yes it does look bad. But it's not finished so I have hopes. It'd suck if it's 60 USD though because the game rn does not look like a game that's worth a triple A pricing. Nintendo needs to do better with their game pricing. I mean most of their titles aren't worth triple A pricing if you look at them.

| >>790561 you can spice up the formula while aiming for the same fanbase. For e.g Ori 2 was much different to Ori 1 yet they still retained the core gameplay of it. Being for "everyone" is not a defence for complacency.

| >>790569
Yeah unfortunately what is or isn't "worth" triple A pricing is not really something for us to decide, and neither is it something that actually impacts the price in any way.

| >>790608 That's a super sad fact. They could price these games at 500 USD and people will still eat that shit up. That's the sad state of this world. That's why companies like Sony, Nintendo etc. will never ever adhere to consumers. They'll do whatever the fuck they want.

| >>790634
I mean, at 500 people will probably literally riot. But 60 is the "standard" and there is nothing to do about it, really. We'll probably see the gradual increase to 70, and maybe even 80 soon, because development costs are going higher even if the quality improves marginally at best.

| >>790569
>Nintendo needs to do better with pricing
God. Yes. There are so many of their games where I'm like "this looks like a fun diversion but I'm not gonna spend more than 20 USD on something like this"

And, aside from losing huge chunk of the market, I think it hurts them long-term too because they're always making such big expectations out of themselves, not letting their devs have the chance to make smaller/mid-sized games.

| >>790636 I doubt it. This is Nintendo fans we're talking about. They'll buy 500 USD games definitely. Most of their first party titles are 30-40 USD pricing worth, 60-70 is the standard price for triple A games. Kirby isn't a triple A game,neither are series like FE (one of my faves btw but terribly priced) and Advance War (another of my fave).

| Like are you really telling me Advance War remake budget is the same as the likes of CoD or GTA?

| >>790717 exactly. Also they almost never put their first party titles on sale eithwr. I've owned Switch for 3 years and I've legit not seen BotW on sale,nor Pokémon games. Same with 3DS which I've owned since release.

| >>790742
C'mon g/u/rl, that 500 USD point didn't make any sense even when it was an obvious exaggeration, and now you're seriously defending it? Even if someone would still buy games at that price, that would be an absolute minority of total nintendrones. I refused to buy digital BOTW and still refuse to buy SSBU because they're currently $86.50 in Russian eShop when they should be $60 at most, and I think most people would be doing the same.

| FE3H is definitely worth $60 though, this is essentially what a AAA Switch game is. Especially since they even had to bring in Koei Tecmo for development as well.
Now as for Advance Wars, as much as I love the series, I'll definitely be skipping it unless I can get a good deal on a second-hand physical copy. Even if we do get a 2-for-1 deal, it's exactly the same games from the GBA, just with some new (kinda inferior) visuals. This is why I've skipped Link's Awakening, too.

| >>790789
>Now as for Advance Wars, as much as I love the series, I'll definitely be skipping it unless I can get a good deal on a second-hand physical copy. Even if we do get a 2-for-1 deal, it's exactly the same games from the GBA, just with some new (kinda inferior) visuals.
I have no idea why they bothered with a reboot when Advance Wars by Web exists, unless they play to DMCA that into nonexistence in the near future. It's 100% better than anything Nintendo can release.

| >>790790
>unless they play to DMCA that into nonexistence
Yeah, probably. Wouldn't be the first time. I'm honestly kinda surprised it has survived for so long while being such a blatant clone.

| >>790744
With the way the market is right now, first party console titles just all cost $60 now, no matter the platform. As much as I would love Switch games to be cheaper, if Nintendo lowered the price they'd totally be shooting themselves in the foot, and it's completely understandable from the marketing perspective.

| In that matter, Nintendo is only considers Wario Ware as an AA game.
AA games are between 40 and 50 most of the time, AAA remasters or remakes also do that, Diablo II just released for 40, so did Sonic Colors Ultimate. Third party companies are more fair on that matter, even EA doesn't go for 60 when is a re-release of some sort, and it's EA.
Then there are indies or semi-indie games, that nowadays are the big majority of the market's amount of games, which are usually less than 30

| It's safe to say videogames won't go more expensive, some may try, but in a world where indies and free-to-play games dominate the market by amount increasing the price would be bad for companies.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo know that, and that's where they introduce the Subscription services, a way to gain money indefinetly without even investing in making games (or a good service), a fee for playing their console Online.

| >>790788 Oh come on, people are already defending the AW remake being priced at 60 USD, do you really think they won't defend a game being priced at $500? Nintendrones are some of the most ridiculous people online.

>>790796 Right. That's what they said pre-9th gen and look what happened. They raised the price to 70 USD. Keep thinking they won't increase the pricing and you'll end up being disappointed every gen.

| >>791001
> do you really think they won't defend a game being priced at $500?
That is exactly what I've said three times already, yes. I can kinda see why they would defend AW remake's price, too, even though I don't personally agree. Anyway, videogame pricing is hard and often arbitrary. I don't think these debates will bring us anywhere, really.

| >>791002 Triple A game cost in triple digit million to develop and market. IIRC GTA V's budget was quarter of a billion. So it's easier to digest why it'd cost $60. Then there are some games like AW remake, which I doubt had a budget of even 10mil, so why tf is it costing $60??? It's just a scummy practise. And just the thought of it pisses me off badly.

| >>791006
Like I said, prices are mostly arbitrary anyway and we can't do shit about them, because good luck convincing all the %PLATFORM/PUBLISHER%drones to vote with their wallet.
And games are easily sold for full price, because it's kinda normal for first party titles and big exclusives? Or so most people think.
However, there obviously are limits to that. Immediately increasing the price almost tenfold will cause a lot of backlash even amongst the dumbest most obedient sheep.

| >>791007 yes and that's the saddest thing about this. People just don't fucking care. They don't care that they being exploited and if someone points this out they'll gang up on the person.

You have far more faith in console shills than I do. To me, they'll do anything to defend them. They'll sell their kidneys if the company asks them to.

| >>791177
Well, we either do that, or drop a huge chunk of our entertainment, especially in the time when entertainment is the only thing that allows us to escape the honestly pretty fucked reality, if only for a few hours.

I try to have more faith in people at large than it would perhaps be reasonable. Really helps me get through my day though. Anyway, there will always be people acting like what you described, but those have always been, and hopefully forever will be, a minority.

| >>791186 I'm not dropping any chunk of entertainment personally. I can enjoy the original AW games using an emulator. I've not bought many of the overpriced Switch games due to existence of emulators either and I refuse to buy them as well.

| LOL @ people here defending Nintendo's anti-consumer pricing. How far can shills go.

| >>791001 For Nintendo, Botw and Smash are the only games with 70 as initial price, but 60 isn't much different from the Wii times. PS3 games were over 80 and no one cared.
Prices hasn't gone far more expensive in more than 10 years for videogames, even deluxe edition and remakes have become cheaper editions compared to original releases (except those shitty legendary packs with gold skins or shit like that 2 people buy).

| >>791594 "even deluxe edition and remakes" yeah right. That's why Skyward Sword is being sold for $60? Advance War for $60?

Also "PS3 games were over 80 and no one cared" is historically and factually wrong. PS3 was a huge dud on release DUE to the mediocre hardware and horrible game prices. Nintendo's the only console where people shill and doesn't care that they're being exploited.

| >>791937 >Nintendo's the only console where people shill and doesn't care that they're being exploited.

Looks at EA, blizard, sometimes naughty dog, epic games, tencent, sometimes rock star, sega, allq console companies with these pay for online play memberships etc.

| >>791937
> Skyward Sword is being sold for $60? Advance War for $60?
hot take: remakes/remasters should be more expensive, because of original game development/marketing/etc. costs + more development/marketing/etc. costs for the new release
and i don't mean just nintendo, i mean games in general

| but like, that would require selling remasters like dlc and maybe offer physical trade-ins too i guess, so that users who bought the original game only pay for it once
so it wouldn't be like a sustainable model i guess

| >>791960 >>791961
Remakes and remasters require a lot more work than people seem to think.
Remakes are usually brand new takes on an old game with a lot of changes and a new engine. That takes a lot of work and money.
Remasters are usually a lot closer to the original game, but yet again with a new engine or an extremely reworked one + everything that's already there improved on and usually with some new features.

Stop underestimating how much work game development is.

| >>792051 Yes in some cases, not in many others.
It's not the same starting from zero than to have the script already written. Your way of seeing it is how it should be ideally, we had Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D by that mentallity (the former was 4 years in development, longer than 1 year of development from the n64 version). But opposed to that there is Skyward Sword HD. You can hack the Wii version to have all the "new" features the Switch version has in one day.

| >>792051 we need to stop imagining how a company develop a game, if they worked hard or not is not the problem, it is the quality. Work hard all you want but "a bad game is bad forever" -Shigeru Miyamoto

| Kirby automata

| >>791942 EA/Blizzard/Naughty dog etc. aren't consoles. Also, Sony and MS console owners complain about having to pay premium like little whiny bitches all the time. He's right Nintendo owners are the only ones who don't care about this.

>>792051 Still not worth $60. It's a decade old game. Stop defending the horrendous price tag.

>>791960 Take your shitty takes somewhere else.

| >>792510 you missread that first comment so hard

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