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N64 and MegaDrive coming paying MORE for NSO

| No way in hell I'm paying for this.
Leave the same price and remove Nes and Snes and I'm in.
Or make Nes and Snes apart and playing Online just cheaper.

| I have no idea what this thread is about, but i saw N64 and I have to note that I have yet see evidence of a g/u/rl being able to BLJ.

| >>789859 well in the pack of 3 games they sold a while back they actually used a newer copy of the game that changed "so long gay Bowser" and fixed blj so they probably will use the same one but who knows

| >>789910 Bowser being gay was good representation, I can't believe Nintendo would have done this.

| This is terrible tbh The new plan will prolly cost the double of current one. I bet Nintendo shills will defend this.

| At this point I just think Nintendo wants the hate.
Is like, the only think people would've hated more than never adding a N64 emulador to the online membership... was adding N64 to the membership for an >>extra charge... and they went and did it...

I swear they are just here for the hate.

| >>789966 yet somehow people are okey with that... but ten years ago try to sell a 3DS for $250 and see your ruin in seconds. How is Nintendo becoming worse yet more people clap? It's sad to think this will explode and hit with a "Wii U" situation all over again.
I really understand the piracy g/u/rls, sadly the true fans.

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This thread is permanently archived