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Who was your latest WRPG character?

| Come here if you want to post or read about RPG characters. When you create a character how much value do you put into her roleplaying aspect?

I'm playing a power-hungry vampire with the sacrosanct Skyrim mod that specialises in stealth, sword-fighting and blood magic, and a pissed of hand-to-hand Caitiff vampire in Fallout NV with the Kindred of the Mojave mod.

| I don't usually care about RPing the character at the beginning. I just have vague ideas out of what the initial character creation gave me, but if I like the game, the character will get more fleshed out as I play.

I have a door-kicking monster-chasing gods-defying criminal-with-heart-of-gold poetry-writing sky-captain in Sunless Skies I'm really fond of. The game lets you add "aspects" (backstory/traits) when you level up, which helps me to really flesh him out.

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In many RPGs the beginning is the only time I can roleplay. After a set amount of time you can only roleplay as different variations of a mass murderer.

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Play better games lol

| >>789816 stop playing Bethesda games.

| Is it strange if I almost don't roleplay in RPG games?
I kinda just do a "soft roleplay", playing not as someone else nor a created character, but playing as I would be if I was there living in that world.
I realized I do that in almost ever RPG I've played.
But I love playing this way!! Time itself witnessed my thousands of hours playing Skyrim and Morrowind.

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Nah, that's a perfectly normal way to play. I think that's more common, even.

And even when I'm roleplaying a character totally different from myself, a lot of me will seep into it anyway.

| >>790038 Ohh I see!
It might be interesting to find a statistics about that kind of specific stuff :o

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