Kena v Scarlet Nexus v Tales of Arise v Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

| What game should I buy randos? I asked my friend and they were unhelpful af

| Kena looks gorgeos af, but don't know what kind of genre is, so i'd pick Tales of Arise, since it's surely a long one. This one, or Ratchet n Clank.

| >>789244 yes I'm leaning towards Tales or Nexus as well but I want something with mileage and replayability so I wasn't sure. Btw I prioritise combat and gameplay over story so which one has better combat?

| I would choose Tales of Arise.

| If you know what a "Tales of" is and played them before, go for it. If you are interested in Kena, wait some days until some reviews hit the Internet to see if the game meets its expectations (I myself I'm kind of doubtful, but anyways I don't have a ps5 so I really don't care xD)
Ratchet and Clank is a fun game, but I would wait for sales for a game like that.

| >>789383 I've played Tales series before. I've liked some and am indifferent towards others.

As for Kena, I like the game visually and the adventure seems fun but I wanted a game with some replayability you know like I doubt Kena has replayability. It feels like something you complete once and move on so that's why I'm on the fence about it.

Yeah, I'm definitely waiting for a sale for Rift Apart now. I'm torn between Arise and Nexus now. Both looks really fun xc

| >>789404 Get both. Scarlet Nexus is on sale rn, so you can get both.

| Tales of Arise, more like Tales of Ass. Get Scarlet Nexus, its combat is fun at least.

| >>789809 Did we play the same game? Tales of Arise is incredible.

| Tales of Arise is hella boring. I played the first 1 hour and got bored of it. What a waste of money. Combat is so boring.

| >>789809 this. Tales is SOOO boring. The combat is mediocre. Get Scarlet Nexus, it's thousand times more fun.

| OP here. And I regret buying Tales of Arise :| The combat is very disappointing and unoriginal. Feels like any other game and I struggled to play past the first 15-20 mins of the game because I found remotely nothing interesting about it. I bought it digitally as well so that's money I'll never ever get back -.-

Fuck you whoever said Tales of Arise is good. I hope your dick falls off!

| >>790633
Ooh, how does it compare to previous Tales games? The people who dislike it that I've heard aren't fans of JRPG in the first place.

| >>790812 (OP here). I liked Tales of Berseria, Zestria and Vesperia. I'm a big fan of JRPGs and I didn't like this game at all. It's very tedious and slow, enemies are easy but are damage sponges and take forever to die because our characters deal terrible damage. So the combat feels very tedious throughout. I couldn't play past the 3rd Lord. The worst Tales of I've played honestly.

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